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Monday Candle Moment


There is something extraordinary going on in the blogosphere. It is appropriate to observe, at first glance, that members of this diverse cyber-community are coming together to support and encourage one young mother who has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer: Inflammatory breast cancer.

But what’s happening goes far beyond addressing the plight of one woman. Bloggers are taking the opportunity to educate their readers about the danger signs of cancer and urge them to consult their physician if they recognize any of the symptoms mentioned. And in doing so, we just might save some lives.

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Two weeks ago, I wrote here about my friend who was nearing the end of her days here on earth. She did cross over into eternity last Saturday, June 30, 2007, and this past Saturday I attended the memorial service held in her honor.

I knew the woman in question for about as long as I can remember — at least since seventh grade — but we were never real close friends. We hung out in the same circle of friends, but did not seek each other out individually. Whenever “the gang” was gathered together, we were both there. And we kept up to date on each other’s lives via the other members of our group with whom we both interacted individually. We were always happy to see each other, though. Friendships often work this way.

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