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I extend my thanks to all of you who have expressed such kind thoughts and remembrances in the past couple of weeks. I appreciate your reaching out more than I can describe and will write more later about “the long good-bye,” as Nancy Reagan aptly termed it, we said to my mother over a period of several years.

In tribute to her, I share here the eulogy that was read at the celebration of her life, a worship in memoriam, on October 19, 2005:

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Bob and Mary Schindler will be the featured speakers at the annuel fund-raising dinner for Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), based in Napa, on November 12, 2005.

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to meet the Schindlers and hear them tell the story of their battle to save their daughter’s life, as well as the horrifying manner in which she spent her last days on earth.

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Yes, it’s true. For now, the operative term is “status quo.”

My church lacked the guts to take a brave stand in favor of civil rights. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and members of the transgender community will continue to be welcomed at church but denied the right to have their unions blessed in the sanctuary or become ordained pastors unless they vow to live in a state of celibacy.

What a disappointment.

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I’ve changed the name of this blog. I couldn’t come up with anything clever or witty. So, for now, I’ll just call it “Colloquium” which fits because this is a place for discussion.

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