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Lttle Charity, age six, has never known her father. That’s because her unmarried mother, Lizzie Engel, left the tiny little Mennonite community of Kingdom, Kansas, shortly after her birth. Settling in Kansas City, Lizzie first took a job as a waitress before joining the staff of Harbor House, a shelter for abused woman. But when the director, Sylvia, suffered a heart attack, she was replaced by Reba. It seems that Reba, jealous about her boyfriend’s perceived interest in Lizzie, has altered the books to make it appear that Lizzie embezzled money from the organization, forcing her to leave her employment in shame.

Worse, a strange man driving a beat-up car and wearing a baseball cap has been stalking Lizzie. Coincidentally — or not — about the same time she noticed him parked outside her apartment building, she began receiving hand-written threatening notes.

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