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Sandy Lincoln has everything going for her. At seventeen, she is a beautiful and popular honors student and cheerleader headed for college and a bright future. But when Brad Donnelly, a charming football player, convinces her to become intimate with him, her life plan is instantly altered. Being a pregnant high school student in tiny Rutland, Georgia in 1974 is scandalous and humiliating — she won’t even be allowed to continue attending the local high school. Worse, Sandy’s parents, Brad’s parents, and even Sandy’s aunt Linda all have ideas about what is best for Sandy and her unborn child. In light of Roe v. Wade, decided just one year earlier, Sandy has many options from which to choose . . . if only the adults advising her would remember that the choice is hers alone, considering that Brad has no interest in being a father and will readily surrender his parental rights.

A chance encounter with an elderly woman leaves Sandy both puzzled and disturbed. The woman tells her that she is carrying twins and the babies must not meet in order to prevent harm from coming to one of them. With no history of twins in her family, Sandy tries to put the woman’s warning out of her mind, convinced that her message was just nonsense. Sandy moves in with her aunt Linda and enrolls in an alternative high school where she continues to excel academically. Ultimately, she selects two families to adopt her fraternal twin boys, convinced that the boys must grow up separately to remain safe and healthy.

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