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Ten T.V. Guilty Pleasures

1. The Sopranos

(Yes, I know there are no new episodes airing right now. That doesn’t matter!)

2. 24

(Resumes this Sunday night! Hooray!)

3. Prison Break

4. House

5. Six Feet Under

(Get the DVD’s! This show is second only to The Sopranos in terms of writing, storytelling, character development, acting and production values, and fodder for water cooler discussions!)

6. Top Chef

7. Project Runway

8. Rescue Me

9. Gray’s Anatomy

10. Big Love

1. Ben Stein. He has my admiration.

2. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just a handshake. No conversation.

3. The original cast of “A Chorus Line,” including Donna McKechnie and Priscilla Lopez. They had just won the Tony for Best Musical and were walking on air . . . so happy and elated about their newfound success. A bunch of really talented, delightful people.

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. . . lose his . . . ahem . . . cookies, so to speak.

I was reminded tonight, as I watched the services for President Gerald Ford and caught a few moments of Ben Stein’s appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, about the evening that I spent with him.

Most people know Ben from “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Lesser known is the fact that Ben worked as a speech writer for Presidents Nixon and Ford, and is a conservative political commentator. He is also a life advocate.

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To those of you celebrating Christmas, we hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday!The Siess Family:BobJanieRobertMatthewBuddy& SophieThanks for reading “Colloquium”!

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You’re Invited! San Joaquin Delta CollegeAtherton AuditoriumTuesday, December 12, 20067:30 p.m.Adults: $12.00Students/Seniors: $10.00Holiday ConcertfeaturingThe Stockton Concert BandSan Joaquin Delta College Symphonic BandLodi High…

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