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Everything We Give is the third installment in Kerry Lonsdale’s trilogy. The first volume, Everything We Keep, focused on Aimee, while Carlos/James’ story was at the center of Everything We Left Behind. The journey of Ian Collins, Aimee’s husband, is showcased in the concluding installment. Once again, Lonsdale delivers a tale of suspense, mystery, romance, and forgiveness, a worthy conclusion to her series above love, love lost, lies, betrayal, and family secrets.

A few months ago, James’ re-emergence and reappearance rocked Aimee and Ian’s relationship. But they have spent the ensuing months trying to get back on track — Aimee is busy with plans to open two more cafes, while Ian has enjoyed successful gallery showings of his photographs and has an opportunity to shoot pictures for a story in National Geographic. Ill at ease, Ian finally realizes what has been troubling him. For years he has carried the guilt of believing that his actions cost his mother her freedom and tore their family apart. He’s been completely estranged from his family for sixteen years and hasn’t seen his mother for many more. He has no idea of her whereabouts and has sworn to himself that he will find her, but never made a concerted effort to search for her.

As he prepares to leave on assignment for the National Geographic feature, Ian knows that he must finally find his mother and make amends. But James turns up yet again with a message from the elusive purported psychic who has intervened in their lives before. Time is of the essence. The assignment will not wait, and the psychic has designated a date and time when she will be available to meet with him — at his childhood home in Idaho. At stake are Ian’s career trajectory and information that might at last bring him peace about his tumultuous childhood. He also stands to lose the one thing he holds most dear: the family he has built with Aimee, and four-year-old daughter Caty.

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