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Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Philosophies by Which I Try to Live My Life

1. Life isn’t fair and nobody ever said it would be, especially my mother. But there is Karma . . . what goes around will definitely come around. Hearing later about how it played out is just icing on the cake.

2. Hating someone or holding a grudge has no impact on the person who wronged you, but eats away at your own soul, so fuhgetaboutit and move on to something healthy, positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling. (Besides, see #1).

3. Despite the tendency to believe that “it’s all about me,” it really isn’t. Remember that and watch your outlook improve.

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1. Ben Stein. He has my admiration.

2. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just a handshake. No conversation.

3. The original cast of “A Chorus Line,” including Donna McKechnie and Priscilla Lopez. They had just won the Tony for Best Musical and were walking on air . . . so happy and elated about their newfound success. A bunch of really talented, delightful people.

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