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Four for Friday


Q1 – Request If you opened your email program and found two messages from a friend or co-worker, one with the subject line “Something You Should Know!!!” and the other with the subject line “DO NOT OPEN PREVIOUS MESSAGE, EVER,” would you open the first message?

A1 – No. I would delete them both.

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Q1 – What is one of your favorite words?


Q2 – How do react when you are out in public and approached by someone carrying a clipboard asking for your signature on a petition or requesting that you participate in a survey?

I try to avoid walking by them. If I can’t and they manage to ask me to sign, I politely decline while continuing to walk.

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Q1 – Books and Movies: When a movie that is based on a book is about to be released — like “Into the Wild,” which is scheduled to open nationwide in early-October — do you try to read the book first or do you believe in the separation of books and movies?

A1 – Only if the book has been on my “to read” list anyway.

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Q1 – What was I thinking?: What is your most regretted impulse purchase of all time?

A1 – Boy, this is a tough question because I usually don’t buy anything on impulse.

I would say the closest I’ve come recently was the purchase of Valgon rings for my flute. Supposedly, they serve as “an additional source of resonance.” Valgon Rings for flute

I’ve only used them a couple of times . . . I will probably use them this Saturday when the Lodi Community Band performs at the Lodi Grape Festival because we will be playing in the Grape Pavilion and will not be mic’d.

But I’ve done blind tests with my teacher, other flutists . . . nobody seems to be able to tell the difference between my playing with them on my flute or off. I suspect that is because I play a professional model “heavy walled” flute — that means the silver wall (tube) of the flute is .18″ thick rather than the standard .16″. It makes the flute heavier to hold, but also projects more sound. In addition, I have a platinum riser in my head joint. Different types of metal produce different sound qualities. I like platinum because it produces a deep, rich sound. So between the heavy wall and the platinum, I am already projecting a great deal of sound.

The other problem is that they are attached to the foot and head joints of the flute. I have to be careful with them because the spring mechanism has a tendency to scratch the flute’s surface.

They actually make rings for piccolos! You can be sure I won’t be buying and using them — that thing produces sounds that can wake the dead. No need to amplify those noises!

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I discovered this meme ((I’m not sure if it is really a full-fledged meme or just more of a writing prompt since it appears that a lot of participants just leave their responses as a comment at Belicove.com.)) at my friend Karen’s site, Write from Karen. It intrigued me so I thought I would participate. I hope that some of you will decide to join in, too.JHSEsq of Colloquium participates in Four for Friday

Each Friday, four questions are posted and each participant drafts his/her response. Simple! But it appears that Mikal asks thought-provoking and timely questions. So here goes:

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