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Note: The first part of this story about the social function is totally true and happened a few years ago. The Flash Forward section is an addendum and reflection. I really don’t talk to pictures on the wall. Ahem …

He was drunk.

In the Presbyterian Church no less. You know the one. Swanky, elegant, rich old-money-in-the-middle-of-town-prestigious-kinda-church. And in the sacred basement that night?

Speed-dating. Round tables. Too much perfume. And a perky little woman with an annoying bell. I was game. After all, what could go wrong in a church?

Here are the rules: There are twelve white linened tables with burning candles and refreshments. You choose one and sit down. Male across from female. When the bell rings, you’re off! Introductions and more sweaty palms. I so hate that. The bell rings again and you rotate to the next waiting gentleman caller.

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Today’s Guest Author is Izzy Dean, a thirtysomething work-at-home mom of two young children and resident concierge & butler to three cats. She was a graphic designer in her previous life but now she practices bad housekeeping and good butt-wiping, sometimes at the same time, and works from home as a web designer and copywriter. She can also be found writing for her personal blog IzzyMom, serving as editor of Props and Pans and as a contributor at Mamapop.

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar

by Izzy Dean

One of the first things I noticed about becoming a stay-at-home mom was how isolating it was. In my neighborhood at least, everyone was at work all day. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to complain to. Nobody to ask if I was doing it right or wrong. And it pretty much sucked.

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