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Thirteen Reasons Why WordPress is Superior To Blogger

I began blogging in March 2005. Being a neophyte, I signed up with Blogger because it was free and easy to use. But over time, as I learned more and more about blogging and, more importantly, the blogging community, I found Blogger’s inherent limitations extremely frustrating and, ultimately, unacceptable. I was spending as much time hacking my blog, implementing work-arounds in an effort to approximate the features that are built into WordPress, as I was writing content.

I migrated Colloquium to WordPress in early July 2007 and, in the process, spun some of my content off into two specialized sites, Here’s looking at . . . me! and Robert’s Legacy. It has not been a painless experience. The transition was labor-intensive and I am still working on formatting and other issues, mostly with the oldest content. But making the move has proven to be the correct decision for me.

If you are thinking about launching a blog or considering a move from one platform to the other, this list of features and characteristics that are unique to WordPress may be useful and assist you in making a decision.

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This article is a cautionary tale for all bloggers.


I feel compelled to tell you about a situation here in the blogosphere that saddens me, but illustrates, yet again, the need for bloggers to deal with each other in good faith and with integrity and respect. This is a topic I wrote about recently, concluding that we all have a responsibility to post responsibly.

I recently submitted “Thirteen Reasons I Wish You Could Have Known My Father” to a blog carnival. I previously participated in one of the “proprietor’s” carnivals, e-mailed casually with him on a couple of occasions and recently, as you saw from the “sticky” post that appeared here for a few days, agreed to host an upcoming edition.

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I’ve changed the name of this blog. I couldn’t come up with anything clever or witty. So, for now, I’ll just call it “Colloquium” which fits because this is a place for discussion.

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