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Welcome to Pump Up Your Book’s Virtual Book Tour for Writing Your Way

Julie Smith’s new “how-to” guide, Writing Your Way — The Great American Novel Track offers something for every novelist . . . or would-be novelist. It is a straight-forward, candid, plainspoken primer on how to structure, organization, construct, and sell your work of fiction. Although Julie makes clear that unless you master key concepts and rules, especially those pertaining to grammar, you can never be a truly great writer, she emphasizes that once you understand and appreciate the rules, it is advisable to toss them aside in order to find not only the specific methods that bring you success, but, most importantly, your own unique voice.

Smith acknowledges that none of her readers is likely to pen “the great American novel” — although that would be spectacular. Rather, she utilizes one of the greatest works of fiction ever written, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, to elucidate key points in seven concise chapters. She tackles critical subjects, plot, character, setting, voice, point-of-view, dialogue, pacing, and marketing, citing to other writers along the way, as well, including Stephen King, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Herman Melville. She provides writing exercises and concludes each chapter with a summary she calls the “Takeaway” in which she lists the points she would like readers “to take away from” that portion of the book.

Smith’s emphasis is on writing fiction, but much of her advice can be adapted to other forms, as well. Although Smith believes writers need strong foundational skills (she recommends Strunk and White’s classic The Elements of Style, for instance), her emphasis remains on the development of an individual method, urging readers to “[p]ick and choose from writing teachers and advice” and steadfastly ignore any advice about “your method.” . And adhere to her Three True Rules of Writing:

  1. Start it.
  2. Put your heart in it.
  3. Part with it.

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