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Welcome to Pump Up Your Book’s Virtual Book Tour for Give Me A Break! No-Fuss Meditation

Meditation “is about experiencing every moment with full attention. It’s not about being good or bad,” author explains. So for readers who have never attempted to meditate and would like to learn effective meditation techniques, but are unsure about their own ability to maintain focus or shut out other thoughts, Stewart provides both instruction and encouragement. She also notes that self-doubt is a normal reaction to new experiences, and mastering the art of meditating is “a slow, gradual process.” Life changes are “often subtle” and not always readily discernible. Meditation is “a way of experiencing your awakened mind” and, therefore, “something you do once and then your life changes.”

Meditation is an effective way to calm oneself and connect with the inner wisdom we all possess. Meditation allows us to find our own “quiet mind” that lurks beneath the internal narration that focuses on all of life’s embarrassing moments, insecurities, challenges, anger, and disappointments. Meditation leads to a focused mind and “deep awareness. That awareness brings you more calmness, more patience, more tolerance, and more creativity.” Meditation is also part of an overall strategy for successfully confronting fear and negativity by redirecting the mind’s focus upon our inherent self-worth and confidence, helping us to avoid overreactions and make better decisions.

Let meditation give you a break. Let it calm you down when you’re screaming inside. Let it turn your thinking upside-down and show you a way to face each moment.
~ Author Whitney Stewart

In Give Me A Break! No-Fuss Meditation Stewart provides step-by-step directions to help readers who are ready to meditate for the first time, offering suggested places, postures, and ideas for enhancing focus. She provides answers to some commonly asked questions about the process and benefits to be derived from it, as well as sixteen specific meditation exercises, including the Mind-Clearing, Decision-Making, Healing Light, Boiling Emotion, Inner Dialogue, and Sending Kindness Meditations.

Stewart recommends that readers enter into the practice of meditation on a daily basis, but sans expectations — in order to avoid disappointment. Rather, she suggests that readers simply try meditating as a means to help cope with the seemingly endless demands of our busy lives. The benefits can be substantial and long-lasting.

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  1. dianelynn

    yes, let meditation calm those frazzley moments!

  2. dianelynn

    I guess an official answer would be that I would like meditation to be such an integral part of my daily life that calmness and clarity sooth the frazzled moments of my day….

  3. I first learned about meditation 20 years ago at an ashram. Just the other day I mediatated for the first time in at least two weeks. I felt centered and relaxed I thought I might melt into a puddle. Fidning the time is challenging. Namaste my friend.
    Frances D recently posted..memories of a square pegMy Profile

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