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My special guest today is first-time author C. Elizabeth!

Her recently published novel, , is the story of Rose Gerbaldi who, at the age of 42, becomes obsessed with a handsome, charismatic British actor named Michael Terrance who is twelve years her junior. She writes him a letter — figuring that he will never even read it. But he decides to call her. From that innocent beginning, their relationship develops as they begin sharing their dreams with each other. But when the line between fantasy and reality blurs, the results can be devastating.

Why I Write

C. Elizabeth

The question as to why I write has been posed to me on numerous occasions. The first time it was asked of me, I remember tripping over my tongue trying to come up with an answer, but none was forthcoming. The rest of that day my mind was ambushed with thoughts of my previous blogs and the things that I had talked about, all in an effort to find that very answer. However, another question kept popping up –- was there truly only one answer? No, there isn’t.

As with all things subjective, the answer would be completely different for everyone and you would think an easy one, especially for a writer. I’m here to tell you that, at least for me, it wasn’t easy; there are so many deciding factors and it’s not like you ask yourself “why am I doing this?” when you sit down for the first time to write. You just do it. So the accuracy of pinpointing one exact reason is pretty much nil.

The question continued to plague me the whole day until I finally gave up, deciding it was going to be one those things that just never got answered. To take my off it completely, I sat down to write. Time moved swiftly once I locked myself away in the new world I was creating, thoroughly absorbed in my characters, the question long forgotten — or so I thought. When I finally came up for air, the answer was sitting right there. It was so simple – why do I write? I write for the same reasons you read. To delve into a different world, to meet new people, to embark on a journey in a different time, to go to a place where I can be alone or have a sword fight with a horde of pirates (no, I’m not writing a book about pirates), but most of all, find a place that is mine and mine alone, if only for a moment, before real life demands my attention again.


Author C. Elizabeth
Author C. Elizabeth resides in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, with her family. She is employed full-time as a paralegal.

Over the years, C. Elizabeth dabbled in many hobbies such as drawing, photography, and sewing, but she eventually lost interest in each. When she sat down and began writing, however, she knew that she had discovered her true passion. She is now addicted to the peaceful escape of writing characters that come alive in her readers’ minds. She says, “My characters are the storytellers. I simply narrate it for you, the reader.”

Connect with C. Elizabeth at her website, on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you, C. Elizabeth!

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  1. Nice post! There are a lot of reasons why. And knowing all your reasons, makes me feel comfortable because it’s almost the same as mine Thanks for sharing. =)
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  2. Alexandra Woodsen

    Thanks for sharing, C. Elizabeth. You are right, writing is one of the most subjective things in this world and only the writer herself will understand. But though it is a very personal thing, writers write because they want to share experiences that many can relate to.

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