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My special guest today is Shea Vaughn, creator of SheaNetics, a program combining strength, flexibility, core stabilization, and balance exercises in a single workout and embracing five living principles — commitment, perseverance, self-control, integrity, and love.

Shea is the author of Breakthrough: The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great, and Find Total Well-Being in which she explains how her system promotes total and permanent health and fulfillment. The book showcases how women can undergo a life makeover using holistic eastern and western techniques.

Are You Ready to Breakthrough?

Shea Vaughn

Life can be a walk in the park some of the time, but it can also be a sucker punch in the stomach. Sometimes it hits with such force we double over with the kind of heartache and pain we feel will never end. I’m sure we have all witnessed personally, or through a friend or loved one, what this feels like, not knowing where to turn or what to do to make it go away. I too have stumbled, fallen and battered my knees, my pride, and even disappointed those I love so dearly. It means I too am human. More importantly, it has taught me how precious and vulnerable we all are and how much we all need each other.

It would be nice if we could keep our connection to one another as a first priority. Yet we seem to be running around trying to achieve more than we can fit into the day; putting on a smile so we don’t let others know exactly what is going on inside and at the same time wondering how can we can get off this train track. You feel helpless and tired of carrying all of your issues around on your shoulders. You say to yourself, I just want to lie down and wake up without feeling so anxious and having to start every day with the same awful feelings.

The problem is a lack of body-mind connection and not being in the moment that leads to depression, discouragement, disconnect, and deflation in body, mind, and heart.
~ Author

Of course, I’m going to tell you there is hope, because hope is always there. However, what you’re really looking for are the answers and the solutions. So let’s see what you need to do differently to get some answers and take a healthy walk in the park. Are you ready to take charge of your life? The answer is yes. First put a time restraint on how long you allow yourself to grieve over something that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. While everyone is different, two hours for me is plenty long to spend precious energy on outcomes you cannot change, but if you need longer, admit to yourself that hiding under the covers for days on end won’t get you where you need to go to get back in the game.

Lick your wounds, cry a lot, kick your feet and then finally get up, dust yourself off and begin to think positive about making the next step forward. Doing this requires an active mind, body and heart that embraces The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment – Perseverance – Self-Control – Integrity – Love. These Principles are a Life-Guide for all your thoughts and actions. They are your conscience, intuition and inner voice that caution, advise, and shepherd your decisions or the lack thereof. The Principles help you and even nudge you along your path to ensure the transformation you are looking for takes root.

However, before change can happen it is imperative that you, without question, accept the fact that some things are just going to show up on your doorstep. Realize there is nothing you can do about it but embrace it and move forward with a more positive attitude. Own it, by accepting responsibility that the outcome is up to you, and live it by taking action and making it happen.

Your breakthrough is a direct result of the effort you give to the process. Answers are revealed through being present and actively aware, listening with an open and nonjudgmental heart. Solutions are the result of being honest with yourself and others and knowing where you want to go. It also takes planning, preparation, and being fair-minded so you can assess all sides and then move forward with doing what is necessary to give life to your breakthrough and achieve the results you are seeking. This kind of new thinking, in turn, empowers you to allow someone else to be first, to enable them to have their time in the spotlight, and gives you a deeper understanding of love and peace beyond the limits of time itself.

Are you ready to take charge of your life . . . to make the tough decision necessary to Breakthrough when others won’t? Are you ready to accept the responsibility that you are the CEO of your mind, body and heart? Join me now to set the best example possible through leading by example. In helping yourself, you well help others beyond the limits you have manifested in your own thoughts. So much more awaits all of us.

Meet Shea

Author Shea Vaughn
Shea Vaughn is a health and wellness expert with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has served as a personal trainer for Oprah executives, members of the Chicago Bears, and her son, actor Vince Vaughn. Shea’s program is geared toward women who “often feel like they are spinning their wheels and not living up to their own expectations.” She blends ancient and contemporary movements with a self-empowering eastern philosophy designed to improve the quality of most women’s hectic lifestyle.

Connect with Shea at her website, on Facebook, or Twitter, or email her: info at dot com.

Enter to Win a Copy of Breakthrough

Author Shea Vaughn has generously provided one copy of :The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great, and Find Total Well-Being to be awarded to a lucky Colloquium reader!

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Thank you, Shea!


  1. Of the five, I would probably work on Perseverance. Sometimes when we go through particularly stressful situations, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We need a kick in the pants to get our tenacity back on fire! 😉
    C.E. Hart recently posted..Did You Hear That Book Cover?My Profile

  2. Sherry Bercu

    Self-control–is my area that needs the most work–in eating, shopping, and telling it how it is –I definitely need work in the area of controlling myself. It would be mush easier if I could use self control rather than fixing the mess I cause.

  3. Pam Keener

    I need self control most of all
    Love & Hugs,

  4. Oh, boy…probably my biggest weak spot is self-control. I tend to take on too much and place way too much pressure on myself.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC Darlene
    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com
    Darlene recently posted..2012 TBR Pile Reading ChallengeMy Profile

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