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Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness

Author is very straight-forward and honest in her Introduction to 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness: “I’ll tell you right now that if you’re not able to commit for 27 consecutive days, you can put this workbook down until you are able to commit.” Plainly, she has written 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness for a specific audience of folks who are truly interested in reaping the psychological and physiological benefits of a daily regime that includes spending time alone, writing. McCarthy promises that those who make the commitment will result in decreased symptoms of medical conditions/diseases, improved cognitive functioning, a strengthened immune system, and a reduction in the negative impact of stress.

Author Mari L. McCarthy
McCarthy has experienced the benefits of journaling first-hand, so to speak. Seven years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, McCarthy lost the use of her right hand and arm. She was forced to learn to write with her left hand, so she began writing in a stream of consciousness fashion, merely as an exercise. What she developed, in addition to the ability to write with her nondominant hand, was her “true Self, buried under the old, negative, hypercritical baggage . . . I’d been carrying around since childhood.” Through her own experience, she developed a systematic method of self-discovery and healing. In the process, she discovered that, while journaling provided a way to deal with challenges and difficulties, it also taught her “how to go beyond the control my emotions held over me. No longer did I feel at the mercy of my emotions. My attention shifted and I became enthralled with my own creative potential. Through my journal, I started to build my own happiness.”

As noted above, in order for McCarthy’s system to provide maximum benefits, a commitment to spending time working through a single writing exercise each and every day for a period of 27 days is mandatory. McCarthy recommends purchasing a special notebook and pen specifically for this purpose and reserving a special place in your home or workspace to which you can retreat each day without having to first deal with clutter or interruptions.

The more you journal, the more you realize that you have an endless supply of ideas, thoughts, impressions. You realize that you never run out of ideas, even if sometimes you may lack the will to access them. You see that writer’s block is about your willingness, and not about an actual dearth of ideas.
~ Author Mari L. McCarthy

27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness provides a narrative specially geared toward each day’s theme, accompanied by an inspirational quote about the topic, writing exercise(s), and even a list of book suggestions for further reading. The theme for Day One is, appropriately enough, A is for Awareness. Other topics include Bring Back My Body to Me, Let’s Start at the Very Beginning, What the Health?, Food, Glorious Food, Goal for It, If Only They’d . . . , Beautiful Music, Coming into Consciousness, and That’s the Spirit. At the end of the twenty-seven day journey, McCarthy encourages journalists to continue making journaling for the health of it part of their normal daily routine in order to reap the ongoing benefits which include:

  • Heal psychological wounds
  • Live in the present, not the past
  • Access your power, talents, skills, and abilities
  • Unleash creativity
  • Face your fears
  • Manage your inner critic
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and start loving yourself
  • Overcome writer’s block

  • Included on the list of highly successful people who journal is none other than Oprah Winfrey. She has spoken often about and frequently shared entries from the journals she has maintained since she was only fifteen years old. Noting that as a young woman, she used her journals as therapy, Oprah observes: “In my 40s, I got wiser. I started using journals to express my gratitudeโ€”and watched my blessings multiply. What you focus on expands.”

    Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one copy of 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness free of charge from the author in conjunction with the WOW! Women on Writing review and virtual book tour program. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own. This disclosure complies with 16 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 255, โ€œGuides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

    Enter to win a copy of 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness

    Are you willing to commit to do the work in order to experience the many benefits that can be derived through journaling? Author Mari L. McCarthy has graciously agreed to provide a copy of 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness to one lucky reader who can choose whether to receive the book in print or e-book format.

    To enter, simply post a comment briefly stating why you would like to commit to 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness. Be sure to include your email address (for notification and delivery purposes). The book can only be shipped to a United States or Canadian address (no P.O. box).

    The comment posted by Taffy Lovell at Taffy’s Writings was selected at random! A copy of 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness is being sent to Taffy!

    Thanks to all who participated!


    1. Kristin Barrett

      This book sounds very helpful. I have been trying to journal daily but with kids, husband, house work, life, I have not been able to. This book would help me commit and have no more excuses.

    2. Hi. I have finally finished spring semester college night classes and have a break until fall, finally started my blog to get me writing again…there’s just enough time between work, kids, and blogging to dedicate myself to taking care of my body and soul. I have been wondering how to get this weight off from my son’s birth 5 years ago and doing it without starving myself. I actually just wrote a post on my blog about my eating habits and how they sadden me. I think I canuse 27 days to get me back on track…and an added bonus is that it will get me writing about what I need to let go.
      I am very interested in this workbook giveaway and hope I win!

    3. I struggle with self happiness so I think this would be useful.

    4. My 90 year-old father-in-law recently broke his hip on a trip to San Francisco. Today is his 10th day in the hospital there and I’m here with him. Journaling is the only thing that helps keep me. It helps me find grace and acceptance in this difficult situation. I’d enjoy reading the book 27 Days to Health and Happiness. It would be wonderful if Dad were well enough to come home to Tucson in 27 Days. I’d surely love to share the book with Dad so we can both journal about our experience and find the happiness in it.
      Joy Acey recently posted..Silly verseMy Profile

    5. Alissa A

      I would love to start my journey toward health and happiness. It’s been a long year! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

    6. Thank you for hosting me. Journaling transforms your life one page at a time. Journaling is for everyone and for dealing with every life. WriteON!

    7. I’m one of those interested individuals mentioned above, i.e, interested in reaping psychological and physiological benefits. I like this book very much. The review was well written that makes me wanna grab a copy of mine. =) Thanks for the post.

    8. I have never kept a journal and I would like to see if this is something I would like to do.

    9. Krystal Larson

      I never have any time to step back and relax. This book would be a nice break from all of my college/medical schoolbooks. Thank you so much for this giveaway edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom

    10. I would like to learn how to handle my stress so I can keep my Multiple Sclerosis under control.


    11. Samantha

      I love writing and I’ve often thought of starting a book. So I started one like maybe a year ago, and never got past the 3 page. That’s when I really started appreciating the work authors put into writing. I’m hoping that this book will give me a little insight in how to write a nice long book ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

    12. I love to write, but I don’t seem to have time or maybe make enough time to do it. This sounds perfect.
      Jessy W recently posted..The Point of LifeMy Profile

    13. Meredith Miller

      I would hope it would inspire me to get into a habit of writing daily.

      meredithfl at gmail dot com

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