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Welcome to the Cotton Candy Booth!

Our hosts for this are Candaceโ€™s Book Blog, Reading Angel, Pure Imagination, and The Book Swarm.

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The Cotton Candy Challenge

NOTE: This challenge is open only to Google Friend Connect followers — old or brand!

The Prize

You may select one of my favorite works of contemporary women’s literature as your challenge prize! If your comment is selected at random, a new copy of the book will be shipped directly to you from Amazon!

The Choices

Click on the book cover to read my review!

How to Enter

You must post a comment in which you answer four questions:

1. What is your all-time favorite women’s work of fiction (or “chick lit”)?

2. Why is it your favorite?

3. If your comment is selected, which of the books offered will you select?

4. What was it about my review of the book that made you decide to select it?

Answer all four questions in one comment! (One entry per participant.)
Be sure that in your comment, you include a valid email address (for notification purposes) and the name under which you follow with Google Friend Connect!

Sorry, but the book can only be shipped to a U.S. street (not P.O.) address!

The comment posted by Laura H. was selected at random and a copy of the book of her choice, A War of Her Own, has been sent to Laura!

Thanks to all who participated!


  1. Mona Garg

    Thanks for the giveaway/challenge.
    GFC follower(Mona Garg)

    1. My favorite work of chick lit is A GOOD INDIAN WIFE.

    2. I like this one b/c I can totally relate to the social mores, lifestyle, and sentiments expressed in the book. I am originally from India but have been living in the states since the age of 4. There are negative misconceptions on both sides. Indians residing in the states think those in India are old-fashioned and unsophisticated so they are ashamed and embarrassed to associate with them. Indians living in India believe those in the states are snobbish and overly “westernized” so they look down on them.

    3. I would select GOOD-BYE TO ALL THAT

    4. In your review, you brought up several points, any one of which would make me want to read this book:
    . Raquel’s dysfunctionctional family members being “hilarious and
    . Margo’s depiction of office life with all it’s drama
    . Crisp dialogue and pacing of the book.
    . Realistic ending

  2. Shannon J.

    my favorite book is Granny Dan by Danielle Steel I don’t know if it qualifys as “chick lit” or not. But it is my favorite because it tells this wonderful romance story but at its core it is a book about knowing your Grandparents/ancestory! If I won I’d request Fly Away Home. I think your review was great it told it like it is and made me want to read the book all the more.
    GFC Shannon Johnson

  3. 1. My favorite Chick Lit is Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews.
    2. I love the setting and the quirky humor.
    3. J’Adore New York
    4. You called it a “delightful surprise”.
    Ricki recently posted..Trevors SongMy Profile

  4. 1. My fave chick lit book is Just Between You and Me by Jenny Jones. Love that woman’s work!

    2. I like it because Jenny tells a plot that you know will turn out OK, but there are always these crazy twists and turns. The material is generally light and her characters engage in witty dialogue. She’s an excellent writer and her blog is hilarious.

    3. I would pick THE OTHER LIFE, and not just because the cover is awesome.

    4. I like your thorough reviews, BTW. But this book sounded interesting because of the “What if” element. What if my life was different.

    Thanks for great reviews and a fun “booth”!

    Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

    GFC = ArtsyBookishGal

  5. 1. i loved the novel STAY by allie larkin.
    2. i loved the storyline, the characters, and the cover of this wonderful novel.
    3. i would choose THE OPPOSITE OF ME by sarah pekkanen
    4. i always enjoy reading your honest book reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 1. My favorite is The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King
    2. It is my favorite because the main character faces a number of difficulties and overcomes them.
    3. I would choose the Seven Year Switch.
    4. I chose this one because I can relate. I am a single mom….
    Sassy recently posted..Have I Mentioned My LoveMy Profile

  7. Thanks so much for participating in the Spring Blog Carnival giveaway!
    1. Favorite chick lit – The Summer House by Jude Deveraux.
    2. I really enjoyed the fact that each individual could go back in time to change previous decisions and see what the results of these changes would bring – bringing together four women of such diverse backgrounds, bonding, and acclimating to the choices they make.
    3. I would pick The Other Life.
    4. While the book does sound like there would be some emotionally wrenching pathways – I am intrigued about the communing of the character with her mother through her mother’s art and wow some kind of portal – the review really peaked my interest in this book – and I will have to check it out even if I do not win a copy (oh wow there goes the budget again lol)
    Thanks for all your efforts – you are certainly appreciated by me, I am enjoying reading these blogs.
    GFC -Denise Zaky

  8. Aurora m.

    Question 1
    My favorite
    Well this surprises me because at first guess I would have headed to one of the classic Jane Austin novels but now with My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park
    By Cindy Jones
    It my story to the letter!
    Question 2
    Why my favorite?
    It could be my story and I love books the parallel my life….it gives me a chance to live it out in the pages of a book and see how they handled things.
    Question 3
    My choice of the books offered
    Beachcombers…..sounds like a great summer read.
    Question 4
    What in the review led to my choice
    Well it had to be the idea of a fun beach read. Something light to savor when the sun shines and the breeze blowing.
    I follow GFC as veltara
    Aurora M.
    Thanks for a chance at a great summertime read!

  9. Krysta Banco

    I love “In Her Shoes”.
    I don’t know why I like it but it is one of the few chick lit books I like.
    I’d like “Seven Year Switch”.
    I read the review and I really want to know what happens.
    I am a GFC follower- Krysta Banco


  10. Judy Cox

    1.First one that comes to mind was The Devil Wears Prada. 2. I really enjoyed that book, it was so funny, and sounded like what you would find in the world of the beautiful people and the regular girl working with the boss from “hell”.
    3. I want The Other Life by Ellen Meister.
    4. I have seen this on the blogs, and thought it was something I would think about. I am sure it is very interesting. When I clicked on the cover it said oops-but I had already seen this and it is on my TBR list.

    I am an old follower-GFC (judy)

    Great giveaway booth!!
    Judy C.

  11. 1. My favorite all time “chick lit” is “The Wildwater Walking Club” by Claire Cook
    2.I love it because its funny, and realistic.
    3.I would definitely pick “The Seven Year Switch” by Claire Cook!
    4.The fact that you enjoyed and wrote what you thought honestly.

    gfc follower name-joann downie
    joann downie recently posted..Best Books I have read this Year so farMy Profile

  12. I really liked Skipping a Beat
    It was a real down to earth story that just made me laugh and cry sometime
    Opposite of Me
    You have a way of drawing me in just giving me exactly what I need to know

    lisasworldofbooks@ charter.net

  13. 1. My fav work, I’m reading right now: So Over You by Gwen Hayes
    2. I love because its romantic and easy to read
    3. Stay! I love dogs!!! or Good-Bye to all that!
    4. The fact that you enjoy reading and give us a really honest opinion!


  14. 1. My favorite chick-lit novel is “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I know that it’s a classic, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I absolutely adore it because it is a novel with some incredibly powerful female characters, and is such an empowering read – all the while also being a lovely romantic tale. I think Jane Austen was a revolutionary, an author advocating intelligence, independence and literacy for women way before the “women’s liberation” movement became an official thing. And lastly, the beautiful and lyrical prose of Jane Austen’s novels feel like dreams translated into words. All those are the reasons I love this book so much.

    2. Answered above. (sorry,I just continued my thought).

    3. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d choose “A War of Her Own” by Sylvia Dickey Smith.

    4. First of all, as your review highlighted about the author, she tends to write about characters “who take charge of their lives and get things done.” I love reading about strong and practical protagonists, especially women because these characters become people you can aspire to become. Their strength empowers readers such as myself. Also, as you mentioned, author Smith explores the whole victim vs. survivor role – and the fact that Bea could either choose to be one or the other. I would love to read this book because I want to see the choices Bea makes, the circumstances she makes them in, and to what result.

    Thank you SO much for hosting this amazing giveaway. May Spring shower numerous blessings on you.

    GFC Follower: ~Enamored Soul~
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz
    Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul) recently posted..Sunday Stew – May 1st- 2011My Profile

  15. My all time favorite women’s work of fiction is Wuthering Heights and it is my favorite because it is dark and brooding and I relate well with that. The book I would choose is, A War of her Own by Sylvia Dickey Smith because of your review statement, “an engrossing, well structured tale about finding true strength within oneself.” That struck me as being true for women in every walk of life because life requires women to have a stron inner strength.
    GFC Booktalkwithcharla
    email sub charlawilson@me.com
    Thanks so much!
    charla recently posted..Please scroll down for the Spring Blog Giveaway!My Profile

  16. Linda D.

    1) The Notebook!
    2) I love this particular work by Nicholas Sparks. And the movie! Warms my heart and I cried too! I thought it was cute they still loved each other after all this time.
    3)Good- Bye to All That
    4) I loved your review and the fact it was named Best Beach Read for Los Angeles magazine. I’m a sucker for the down to earth heroine. I’m also happy the dialogue is believable.
    Gfc: lindadao2060

    Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

  17. Laura H.

    1. “Gone With the Wind”
    2. I love history, particularly during the Civil War. I am fascinated by the roles of men and women during that time period, Southern “society” and the fashion. Scarlett was a woman before her time in that she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion or pursue her goals, even if her actions were deemed improper for a Southern lady.
    3. “A War of Her Own”
    4. First of all this book is a work of historical fiction which I love! I think what “sold me” from your review was your description of the theme — victim vs. survivor and the consequences of that choice. That same theme is what drew me to GWTW!

    I already follow via GFC (MamaHendo3).


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  19. My favorite chick lit book is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. It is a wonderful story that follows two friends over the years from childhood to adulthood. Always makes me cry. I think it mirrors a lot of girls friendships growing up and is relatable even if you didn’t have this exact type of friendship. The story is really told from one friends point of view but gives a well rounded view of everything that happened to the girls. I always hoped for a sequal to find out what happened after the book ended but clearly Ms. Blume loves leaving me hanging on this one ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I am picked I would LOVE to have The Other Life. I have been anxious to read it after your review. I liked how you wrote about the author and why she wrote the book. Where the inspiration came from. I liked that you wrote just enough to draw me in but didn’t give away any of the secrets that the book is sure to hold. I look forward to getting it one day.

  20. 1. My favorite book of Women’s Fiction is The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher
    2. It’s my favorite Women’s Fiction book because it’s a beautifully written story about family, love, loyalty, regrets and the connections that bind us. The characters in this book are so real….fallible human beings who are relatable…every reader can identify with at least one, if not all, of the characters. And the main character, Penelope Keeling, whose life we learn about from beginning to end is an engaging, likable woman because of her faults as well as her wonderful qualities. The Shell Seekers is a compelling and absorbing book that I never wanted to finish!
    3. If I win, I’d like The Other Life by Ellen Meister
    $. Through your review I discovered the unique story-line of this book and the very important questions the main character struggles with throughout the book. Ellen Meister explores issues many women confront at some point in their lives and discovers the consequences of our choices. I knew after reading your review, this was a book I wanted to read!

    I’m a GFC Follower!
    Amy recently posted..Wondrous Words Wednesday!My Profile

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