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Welcome to the Pump Up Your Book Tour for Stilettos & Scoundrels

Today it is my pleasure to welcome author Laina Turner Molaski to Colloquium!

Just reading Laina’s resume (see below) makes me tired! And now she is adding successful author of Stilettos & Scoundrels to her list of accomplishments.

Laina’s new work of women’s fiction features protagonist Presley Thurman, a thirty-something lover of shoes and Starbucks addict who loses her human relations job and decides it is time to abandon the corporate world in order to pursue her dream of being a writer. Presley returns to her home town to spend a few days visiting her parents and interview a U.S. Senator. She only manages to speak with him briefly before he is murdered. Presley is determined to find the senator’s killer, but, of course, there are many complications, not the least of which is Cooper Sands, Presley’s old boyfriend who was handling the senator’s security detail at the time of his death.

I Write Because I Have To

Laina Turner Molaski

Many people ask me why I write and I usually say because I enjoy it, I have stories in my head, and I find it exciting to tell stories to others. But the bottom line is that I have no choice. If I didn’t write and get all the voices out of my head from time to time, I have this visual of my head exploding and words pouring out everywhere. In all seriousness, I think the bottled up stories would eventually take over my thoughts in such a way that I would not be able to concentrate on what I have to do in my day job.

As with many of my fellow authors, writing is a compulsion. Even when I don’t want to because I am not sure what it is I am supposed to write, I still have to write something. I have been asked by a significant other, watching my frustration in looking at the blank screen, why I just didn’t go do something else. I replied, because I have to write. I just have to. I am happy that I have something I am so passionate about I feel it has to be done. It fulfills the creative need in me, it is a companion, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. To see words on a page that previously weren’t there (even the bad ones – for a minute, anyway) shows me that I did something and I feel good.

For a long time, I never considered writing one of my talents. I just thought it was something I did as a hobby. Something fun on the side. Mainly because I didn’t feel I was all that good at it. But once I realized that I write for myself, first and foremost, it became easier to call it one of my talents. I am glad I realized this so I am able to enjoy what I do.

What do you enjoy? Are you actively pursuing it?

Meet Laina

Laina Turner Molaski is a college professor, fiction and non-fiction writer, promoter of other authors, human resource professional, business consultant, and “all-around interesting person,” at least according to her closest friends. Laina says that her love of shopping motivated her to work in retail from an early age. Her undying love for shoes and coffee is why she created her main character and alter-ego Presly Thurman. Her love of education motivated her to earn an MBA and PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in human resources and management.

After completing her PhD, Laina made the transition from being a Regional Manager at Pier 1 Imports to teaching college and business consulting. Originally, she consulted in the area of human resources. She enjoyed working with small business owners and helping them get the most out of their employees. However, given her general business background, she found myself working with business owners in a more holistic capacity, not just with the goal of managing their workforce.

At the same time, Laina was pursuing her dream of being a writer and now she is able to use her talents to help business owners grow their businesses and authors promote and sell their books! She also has a great job at Capella University where she continues pursuing her love of education. She is extremely busy, but relates, “I love all that I do.”

When not working toward her many goals, Laina also loves wine and books, not to mention her awesome kids. She hates the cold, but lives in Indiana. Vegas is one of her favorite spots because she loves to people watch and swears that if she ever gets married again, the ceremony will definitely take place in a drive-through chapel and be performed by a fake Elvis.

Laina is currently working on the sequel to , which is scheduled for a summer 2011 release!

Don’t miss my review of Stilettos and Scoundrels!

Thank you, Laina!


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  2. This book looks so good…maybe I’m just being selfish because I’m a self-professed (okay obsessed) lover of chick lit and women’s fiction and an aspiring author myself:) Either way, I’m adding this book to the top of my shelf! Right now..thanks for posting. So excited to go out and get this one!
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  3. “For a long time, I never considered writing one of my talents. I just thought it was something I did as a hobby.”

    I’ve felt this way for a very long time. I love to write. I have a library of short work on my computer at home…but I’m really self conscious about sharing the stories. I’d be really curious to hear what convinced you to make the jump from closet novelist to touring author. Any chance of a follow-up guest post?

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