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Thanksgiving is almost here and more than 175 bloggers have come together to celebrate! Gratitude Giveaways 2010 is hosted by Inspired Kathy at I am a Reader, Not a Writer!

From now through Sunday night, November 28, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time), you are invited to enter to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate that will enable you to splurge on something you’ve been wanting all for yourself or do a little holiday shopping or . . .

Mandatory Entry:

NOTE: This giveaway is open to followers — old or brand new — only!

Leave a comment telling me two very important things:

1. One (at least) thing you are grateful for this Thanksgiving

~ and ~

2. How/where you follow me and/or Colloquium, including your follower name/identity!

Be sure to include your email address (for notification and delivery purposes).

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Entry Deadline:

Sunday, November 28, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)

Visit all the participating blogs:

Want to participate in the Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop? Of course you do, because it’s happening on December 21 — my birthday! Click here for more information and to sign up!

Jessi of The Elliot Review!

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway!


  1. Pam Keener

    I am thankful for my family, friends & my two dogs and kissy cat.

    I follow your blog via GFC/Pamela Keener

  2. Pam Keener

    I follow your blog via Google Reader.
    Love & Hugs,

  3. I am thankful for my family and the fact that we can be together for the holiday. I follow on GFC – maureen emmons

  4. i am grateful for the gift of each morning…
    i don’t remember when/where i found your fabulous blog.
    thanks for the wonderful giveaway, karenk

    • I am greatfull for wonderful family and friends

  5. I am a GFC follower (new)

    I am thankful my husband and I are in remission for our cancers, very thankful for my 3 young boys, and family.
    Babs recently posted..Guest Marc HardingMy Profile

  6. Colleen Turner

    I there! I am thankful for my families health and happiness this holiday season. I follow you through GFC (Colleen Turner) and Facebook (also Colleen Turner). Thanks!

  7. Colleen Turner

    I am an email subscriber to Colloquium!

  8. Ashley K

    I am grateful for my mother and her newly restored health!

    I’m a new follower as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jacinda (jacmom)

    I’m an old follower(jacmom).

    I’m thankful for my husband, my to kids, my husbands job to provide for my family, and everyone of my other family and friends.


  10. Amanda W

    I am grateful for my family. I follow via GFC.

  11. I am thankful that my husband and I are going to try to have a baby!

    I am a GFC follower and a Twitter follower (@elliottreview)

    jlelliott08 AT gmail DOT com
    Jessi E. recently posted..Gratitude GiveawaysMy Profile

  12. brendajean

    I am thankful for my family, friends, health and indoor plumbing:)
    I am an old follower.
    bchild5 at aol dot com

  13. I am grateful for adult children who are functioning in the world on their own. I am both an email subscriber and a GFC follower. Thanks

  14. Heather S

    I am most thankful for my mom. She is the best and always there for me.

    I am a GFC follower!

  15. Tanya Wires

    I’m thankful for my family being all together. My husband is military and that doesn’t happen every holiday. Thanks for the contest. I’m a new GFC follower as Tanyaw1224

  16. Carol Wong

    I am thankful for having a house. This morning, I received an e-mail from one of my friends, our mutual friend is having a yard sale today because his house has been foreclosed. They both worked, had three children but she lost her job and the unemployment benefits ran out. I retired two years ago and moved to Texas where I can afford a home and then bought one that has low enough house payments for us not to worry. Both he and she were such nice people too.

    I am an old GFC follower of this blog.

  17. Carol Wong

    I am an e-mail subscriber of this blog.


  18. Carol Wong

    I follow you on Twitter.


  19. Carol Wong

    I follow you on Facebook Networked Blogs.


  20. I’m thankful for my family without whom I don’t know where I’d be!

    I follow via GFC. k_anon[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  21. i’m really thankful for family.
    GFC follower


  22. Jolene Allcock

    I am thankful for my middle son Jayden who started Kindergarten this year and surpassed all of our expectations. He amazes me and I am so proud. Doctors have always been upfront and honest with his condition which made me nervous on his learning ability and doubly nervous of having him in school. I am so very thankful on my little man who has proved all our concerns wrong

    I follow through GFC, Twitter and Goodreads all through Jolene Allcock

  23. Hi and Happy Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, of course family, but also that given everything going on, things can be lots worse. Can be better, but sure can be worse. LOL Oh, and following via GFC too!: )


  24. Stephanie M

    I am thankful for my friends and family.

    I am a GFC follower (Stephanie M)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    smccar1 @hotmail dot com

  25. pepsivanilla

    I’m grateful that I get to live with my friends ๐Ÿ™‚
    I follow under GFC name pepsivanilla.


  26. Cathy MacDonald

    I am grateful that my kids are healthy and happy and spending Thanksgiving with us.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  27. Cathy MacDonald

    am a GFC follower

    Cathy M

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  28. Cathy MacDonald

    follow blog via email

    Cathy M
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  29. I am thankful for my family and that my sister will be visiting this Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚
    I follow via google friend connect

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com
    Throuthehaze recently posted..Gratitude Giveaway!My Profile

  30. I am thankful this year for a wonderful husband and an adorable dog. I’m a new GFC follower – rickimc. Also, I just signed up for emails, too.

  31. I’m a GFC follower (Michele) and I also tweeted

  32. I am thankful for Hashem, without whom nothing in my life would be possible.

    I follow you through my google reader.

    mbamster0720 at gmail dot com

  33. Judy Cox

    I am grateful for my family and our health this year!!!

    I am an old follower-judy


  34. Judy Cox

    I also follow you on twitter @ladymagnolia99


  35. Lora1967

    I AM thankful for my children and grandchildrens good health and a husband and partner in life who loves and cares about me. I follow through GFC-Lora1967

  36. I’m totally thankful for my family!
    I’m a GFC follower. Thank for this giveaway.

  37. Patricia

    I’m thankful this year for the chance to meet my new twin niece and nephew. I follow via GFC.

    patricia [dot] mariani [dot] esq [at] gmail [dot] com

  38. Patricia

    In addition to following via GFC (see initial entry above), I subscribe via Google Reader RSS and email.

    patricia [dot] mariani [dot] esq [at] gmail [dot] com

  39. I am thankful for… well… Does pecan pie count? ’cause that’s what I’m thankful for right now!

  40. Oh! I forgot to mention in my mandatory entry… I follow via GFC Connect. My name is Pixel Berry Pie Designs.

    Now, for my extra entry… I subscribe via RSS reader.

  41. Megan Kyser

    I am a gfc follower under this name.

    I am grateful for my husband and kids, my mom friends and of course, new books to read!

  42. jeanette8042

    1. I’m thankful for the good health of my family and friends.

    2. GFC follower/jeanette8042


  43. Janelle Ashton

    I’m grateful for wonderful friends! I follow in GFC!
    Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  44. I’m thankful for my loving family.
    GFC follower(Elise)
    caliblue7 at gmail dot com

  45. Janelle Ashton

    I subscribe to this RSS feed via Google Reader so I don’t miss a thing!
    Thanks for a chance to win this giveaway!

  46. Janelle Ashton

    I’m an email subscriber, too!
    Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  47. Stacey Smith

    I Am Greatfull for the New lief in the Family my niece had a boy in june and my sister inlaw is to have a boy in Jan that makes two new Kids in the family.
    I’m a GFC Follower

  48. Stacey Smith

    I Am Greatfull for the New lief in the Family my niece had a boy in june and my sister inlaw is to have a boy in Jan that makes two new Kids in the family. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m a GFC Follower

  49. Hi! I’m a new GFc follower, and I’m thankful for my wonderful life! My husband, my kids, my friends, my blog, my interwebz friends…everyone in my life is amazing!!

    Liz B. recently posted..Thursdays Picks 10My Profile

  50. Please include me in the giveaway. I’m grateful for the surgery to remove a tumor on my pituitary gland. The tumor was lifting up my optic nerve and I lost my peripheral vision. Thank God that I had the surgery and my vision came back. The surgeon told me that if I didn’t have the surgery there was a good chance I would go blind. God bless that surgeon. I’m a brand new Follower on Google Friend Connect as makeupgirl21. Thank you.


    • JHS

      @Lucy: I’m so happy for you! I can completely relate to your fears and thankfulness about your vision. Over the past nearly ten years, I have undergone numerous surgeries and procedures for retinal issues. Currently, I have a wrinkle in the macula of my remaining good eye that I pray every day won’t get worse. I can’t see straight lines, but I can function just fine this way. Every day when I wake up, I know that because I can see, I can handle any other problems that come my way. I know you understand the precise emotion I am describing. We are in a unique club, the members of which are those people who have been threatened with the loss of one of their senses. Until you experience it, you can never fully understand. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  51. I follow with GFC.

    I am thankful for good books to read and the eyes that let me see.


    (and hello to Lodi! I grew up in Galt, where my parents still live! I love Lodi)

  52. I am grateful that all of my cats are healthy!

    I follow you on google friends connect (aimala127@gmail.com) and I am an email subscriber (aimala02@yahoo.com)

    Thank you for your very generous giveaway!
    Aimala127 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Amy recently posted..Book Review – Every Last One by Anna QuindlenMy Profile

  53. Lisa Mcgeen

    I am a new follower GFC

    I am thankful that my family has made it though another year healthly!

  54. Thx for a great giveaway! I follow GFC as jacque and I’m thankful for my five children…2 of which are true miracles.


  55. I am greatful for my family, while we may live far apart, we always come together at this time of year.

    I’m a GFC follower as sablelexi

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  56. ive Been a GFC follower

    What Im most greatful for this thanksgivingand eveyr thanksgiving Is my family honestly with out them where would i Be i could tell you where in a very sad and lonely place thats for sure so my greatest thankfulnes sis them My secon greatest thing tyo be thank ful for is I Can read reading is an escape that one i love dearly

  57. limepink

    I ‘m thankful for the friends and family around me
    I follow on GFC as limepink

  58. I am grateful for my wonderful family.
    Old GFC follower.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  59. Brandy B

    Hi I follow on Facebook Network Blogs under Brandy Umphreys-Blake

    I am very thankful for my family.

    brandyzbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com

  60. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I am following this blog via GFC, RSS, and email. Thanks for this giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Ashley H

    I’m thankful for my job. I’m a gfc follower: Ashley Hewell

  62. I’m thankful for my family.

    GFC follower (Edna)

    nalynboni AT gmail DOT com

  63. Linda Henderson

    I am thankful for the good health of my family.

    I follow you on GFC (seriousreader) Networked Blogs & Twitter as BookOwner.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  64. Linda Henderson

    I subscribe to RSS feed.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  65. Linda Henderson

    I am an email subscriber.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  66. I’m thankful for my family. ๐Ÿ™‚ I follow you on GFC (asenath)

  67. Great idea for a giveaway! What am I grateful for? So many things, but mostly for my wonderful family, especially my daughter and my sisters. I’m also grateful that I’ve got a job, a decent place to live, and enough money for food and other necessities in these very uncertain economic times. I’m grateful for my parrot friend, Nickel, who makes me laugh every day with her antics. I’m grateful for my good friends, for books, for my health. Oh, yes, and I’m really grateful that I was able to lose 36 lbs. since March 2010 (yay for WeightWatchers).

    I’m a follower through GFC (Mary K. from L.A.) and subscriber through RSS (Storeetllr48 AT gmail DOT com). I’m going to add a note about this giveaway on my blog (www.JustOneMorePageblog.blogspot.com), and I’ll also tweet about it (@Storeetllr). My contact email is mkip AT aol DOT com.

  68. I’m grateful for my family, friends, good health and that I have a job that I enjoy.

    I follow via GFC


  69. google reader subscriber


  70. I follow under GFC- name is “Jonita”

    It’s a silly thing, but I’m thankful for the fact that we FINALLY have high-speed internet in the rural area where I live. It was installed last week and it is WONDERFUL being able to blog with high speed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jonita recently posted..Mailbox MondayMy Profile

  71. I am thankful my parents are able to be with us this year for Thanksgiving.

    I a new follower on Google.

  72. I’m grateful that my kitty is now well. She was sick for more than three months and I didn’t think she was going to make it.
    I follow on GFC – Carol M
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  73. I subsribe via RSS feed.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  74. I subscribe via email
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  75. I follow on twitter – CarolAnnM
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  76. Thanks for this giveaway! I’m a GFC follower.
    This year I am thankful for everything that I have including the things that I’ve had but don’t anymore. I know now that the experiance was worth the loss.

  77. google friend connect: brn2shop9 at gmail dot com!

  78. I am thankful for my family
    I follow by gfc
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  79. I’m a new twitter and GFC follower.
    I’m thankful to have my husband home safe this thanksgiving- he travels internationally 90% of the time, and it’s so wonderful to have him here with me!

    Thank you

  80. I’m thankful for the wonderful friends I have made here.
    I follow via GFC (Julie), networked blogs, and twitter (juliecookies)

  81. I follow as Stella (Ex Libris) via GFC.

    I’m thankful for my family: I have the most amazing dad and I don’t know what I would do without my little sister!

    +1 tweeted: http://twitter.com/Stella_ExLibris/status/6727975898714112

    +1 posted on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=165448930162669&id=100000899165880

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com
    Stella (Ex Libris) recently posted..Reading Challenge- 2011 Outdo Yourself Reading ChallengeMy Profile

  82. I am so grateful that my older daughter, who is a freshman in college, will be able to come home for Thanksgiving, and that my parents (87 and 89) will be able to come up to our house to share the holiday with my husband and children. I am also so grateful for the book blogging world where my I have found so many wonderful friends and books.

    I discovered your blog on Goodreads, and just became a Twitter follower (@JanetGS) and added you to my Google Reader.
    JaneGS recently posted..The Exile – an Outlander graphic novelMy Profile

  83. I follow with Goole Friend Connect.

    As I am every year, I am thankful for my friends and family. But this year, I have something extra to be thankful about. I am getting a new 11 week old puppy tomorrow!

    Andrea M. recently posted..Book Review- The Lost SaintMy Profile

  84. follow on GFC as primrose


  85. I am grateful for my loving family and good health. Both so precious and taken for granted too often.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving and blessed Christmas.
    Peace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. cheryl c.

    I am so thankful for my family, home, and job.

    I am a GFC follower as “cheryl c.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    castings at mindspring dot com

  87. I’m a follower via GFC.
    I’m thankful for my husband and my kids, and having the time to enjoy some good books.

  88. Great giveaway :o) Can’t go wrong with a GC

    New follower via GFC

    I’m thankful I got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad. Things were rough for a little while and he had to have heart surgery to get a valve replaced.

    darkwyrmreads AT yahoo DOT com
    Marty (Dark Wyrm Reads) recently posted..Gratitude Giveaway -oMy Profile

  89. Melanie L

    I am thankful for my family and that all of us are in good health.

    I follow on GFC as Melanie L and on Twitter @Melanie_2006

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  90. Melanie L

    I subscribe by email.

  91. Thankful for my family this Thanksgiving.

    Follow via Google Friend Connect, Becky B.

  92. Adelina Priddis

    I am grateful for my husband! I follow with GFC, Adelina Priddis
    familyroom2 at gmail dot com

  93. Alicia C.

    I am very grateful that my family and I have the things we need (food, shelter, love!)
    I am a GFC follower – alicia715


  94. I’m so excited about this giveaway contest. I follow you through Google Friend Connect under the name Julie.

    As a diehard reader, I am very thankful for the various libraries that I can get books from.

  95. Charlotte Kay

    I am most grateful for prayer because I can communicate freely with my Maker and know that He hears and answers prayers:)
    I am a new GFC follower, Charlotte Kay:)
    chakasa58 at gmail dot com

  96. Charlotte Kay

    I subscribe through the RSS Feed, Google Reader:)
    Charlotte Kay
    chakasa58 at gmail dot com

  97. I am a new follower via GFC (wakela) and Networked Blogs (Norma W).
    I am also following you on twitter (wakela).

    This Thanksgiving, I was very thankful for my family. I have had many health crises and they have been there beside me through them all. I don’t know what I would do without them.
    Norma W recently posted..Happy Haul-idays!My Profile

  98. I’m grateful for my great friends and roommates! I’m a GFC follower (Brooke), and I’m also subscribed in both a reader and through email. Thanks so much!


  99. I’m Thankful for my loving and supportive friends and family.
    I follow via GFC. (Cuzinlogic) & Twitter cuzin_logic

  100. PinkStuff28

    I’m thankful for books , family and friends

    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com

  101. PinkStuff28

    I’m a GFC follower :

    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com

  102. Laura H.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m grateful for my family, including my cat! I already follow via GFC (Bornajhawk), Networked Blogs (Laura Grassie Henderson), Twitter (MamaHendo3), Goodreads (Laura Henderson) and FB friend (Laura Grassie Henderson).


  103. Laura H.

    Already e-mail subscriber.


  104. Laura H.

    Tweeted giveaway: twitter.com/#!/MamaHendo3/status/8944497220128768


  105. Iโ€™m thankful for the amazing year Iโ€™ve been living in the US, for the wonderful family that decided to have me as part of its family here. Iโ€™m also really thankful for the friends I have here and back in Brazil, because even far away from them weโ€™re still friends and we care about each other. Iโ€™m thankful for my family support on the past 10 months Iโ€™ve been living here. Iโ€™m also thankful for starting Murphyโ€™s Library, itโ€™s became a pleasure writing everyday there, reading so many awesome comments and all the feedback weโ€™re getting about the blog.

    I’m an old GFC follower, my follower name is Maeva and my email is maevaDOTqueenATgmailDOTcom ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maeva recently posted..Giveaway Hop 8My Profile

  106. Grateful for family and friends.
    Already follow Colloquium on Google Friend Connect
    Jes Swaks

  107. I follow via google friends.

    I’m thankful for happy, healthy kids.

  108. Pam S (pams00)

    I am thankful for my family and all of the great books/authors I’ve discovered this year.

    gfc follower – pams00

    pams00 @ aol.com

  109. Marlene Breakfield

    I’m grateful for my family and friends.
    GFC follower.

  110. Marlene Breakfield

    Subescribe via RSS.

  111. Marlene Breakfield

    Subscribe via e-mail.

  112. Marlene Breakfield


  113. I follow on networked blogs (Anne Jolly) and I’m thankful that my husband has a good job.

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