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Katrina at Callapidder Days is hosting the Fall Into Reading 2010 self-designed, self-paced ! The guidelines are simple:

  • Each participant fashions the list of books he/she plans to read (or finish reading) this fall. The number and type of books on the list is completely up to the individual participant. Also, the list can be modified during the challenge, as necessary.
  • Each participant is asked to publish a post setting forth his/her list.
  • The challenge began on September 22, the first full day of autumn, and ends on December 20, the last full day of autumn.
  • Each participant is asked to sign up at Callapidder Days so that bloggers can visit each other’s sites, read each other’s reviews, and, hopefully, get acquainted with some new sites and bloggers. Of course, this is also likely to lead to book purchases and the accumulation of more books waiting to be read. I believe that is known as an avocational hazard, so proceed at your own risk.
  • East participant is asked to publish a wrap-up post about his/her experiences during/with the challenge after it concludes in December.

  • Beginning Tuesday, September 28, Katrina will be posting a weekly reading-related question/writing prompt, e.g., reading habits, memories, current experiences, etc.

    Book List

  • The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
  • From the Dead by John Herrick
  • Free to a Good Home by Eva Marie Mont
  • A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker
  • Heart with Joy by Steve Cushman
  • The Life O’Reilly by Brian Cohen
  • The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens
  • The Waiting by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin
  • The Next Queen of Heaven by Gregory Maguire
  • The Mermaid’s Pendant by LeAnn Neal Reilly
  • The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnick
  • J’adore New York by Isabelle Lafleche
  • Rose in a Storm by Jon Katz
  • Wishin’ and Hopin’ by Wally Lamb
  • The Remains by Vincent Zandri
  • Everything I Never Wanted to Be by Dina Kucera
  • The Talismans by Sybil Baker
  • Life After Yes by Aidan Donnelley Rowley
  • The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen
  • Every Last One by Anna Quindlen


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