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A shot of Lady Liberty taken on the island as she keeps watch over New York City and the harbor.

1. Where are my feet? I can barely feel them . . . they are still numb from all of the walking I did in New York City!

2. If wishes were horses I would have seen more than three Broadway shows while in New York City. Unfortunately, I only had time to see three.

3. I’d like to see several more of the musicals currently playing on Broadway, including In the Heights and Jersey Boys (I saw it with the original, Tony-winning cast in 2007).

4. When I was a teen, I thought I wanted to leave Lodi and live in a large city like San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. After a few years in the Los Angeles-area, I returned to San Joaquin County and plan to remain here. At this point in my life, I like to visit big cities, but am always glad to get back home to my quiet little neighborhood in the quiet little village of Lodi.

5. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “Uffda!” That’s an all-purpose Norwegian exclamation.

6. I’d have a hard time doing without my periodic forays to other parts of the country. I think our next big trip is going to be to Washington, D.C. since we have never been there and there are so many fascinating things to see and do in that area.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing here at home, tomorrow my plans include relaxing here at home and getting the laundry done, and Sunday, I want to relax here at home and cook a delicious brunch for my boys.


  1. JDaniel4's Mom

    Wow! You got to see three shows. That would be awesome. When you go to Washington, you should see the monuments at night. They are amazing. Eating gelato in the National Gallery Cafe is fun too.

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