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1. What was your best day of the week last week and why?

That would be a toss-up between Furlough Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I took a ride up into the foothills with a lifelong friend. We stopped for lunch at a cute little pizzeria called Paisano’s (it was our second visit there) before heading on to the pawn shop in Jackson. I did not buy any bling this time, but my friend did. I also purchased a ring for a good friend who lives in another state but is in the process of moving back to California. She wanted to take advantage of the February sale — all prices are reduced by 25 percent! So they both got great buys. I did not see anything I really wanted. Besides, I am saving all of my money for my upcoming trip to New York City where I will again be performing at Carnegie Hall with the Stockton Concert Band.

On Saturday, I had brunch with three very long-time friends at Mimi’s Cafe in Elk Grove. We had a delicious meal and great conversation.

2. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

Probably two to three days. In college, I was known as “The Queen of the All-Nighter.” I was notorious for cutting class much of the semester. Then I stayedg up all day and all night before the final in order to cram into my brain all of the information I was supposed to have learned during the term. Then I would take the final exam, come home, and collapse.

That was a pretty successful strategy until I began law school. Then I had to study the old fashioned way, i.e., daily, and attend class regularly.

3. Is how old you look and/or how old you feel right now different from your actual age?

People tell me that I don’t look my age. Are they just flattering me? Yeah, sometimes I’m sure that they are. But I do have a hard time saying my real age out loud because I don’t feel that I look that old and I sure don’t feel it. From time to time I do look in the mirror and experience a jolt! I wonder who that old lady in the mirror is. Then I have to accept that I am, in fact, looking at my own reflection.

I cheer up when I contemplate the obvious: The alternative is worse.

4. Tell about a snowball fight you had.

Wow, what year would that have been? Probably 1991 . . . that’s the last time I remember being in snow. We took #1Son, who was almost four years old, to see and play in snow. BigBob spent the afternoon riding down the hill on an inner tube with him. I felt unwell, so I stayed at the bottom of the hill snapping pictures and capturing some video footage.

Not long after that, I discovered the reason I didn’t feel well and lacked energy. MattieBoo arrived on November 16, 1991.

5. Where is the best hiding place you know of?

Right here in my cozy home. I am quite good at hiding out here when I want to relax, unwind, and not socialize. The phone calls can go to voice mail and the emails read later.

6. What extracurricular activities did you do while at school?

You could always find me in the music and drama departments. Throughout my school years, I sang in the various choirs, was a member of the band for several years (playing clarinet), participated in all of the talent and variety shows, and was somehow involved in most of the plays, working backstage if I was not performing. I was also an editor of and contributor to both the high school newspaper and yearbook.

7. . What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

That reminds me of my boys. They like to feign shyness when they know that I am trying to snap a photo of them. Then we end up with photos like this classic from MattieBoo’s 16th birthday dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant:

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