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Sophie actually allowed me to place these silly antlers on her for about a minute yesterday. BigBob bought them several years ago and she would not tolerate them for even a second. When I found them in a box, I decided to again try putting them on her and was shocked when she sat calmly for a brief few moments.  

No, she does not own a sweater or any other apparel.  Neither does Buddy.  I do not normally dress my dogs up in goofy outfits, but those antlers were just too cute for even me to resist!

I can’t believe that New Year’s Eve is here . . . again. I am told that time passing ever more quickly is a sign of old age. If that’s the case, I’m not just old, I’m a fossil because time is a completely abstract concept at this point. The days, weeks, months are a blur of activities, events, transitions, and passages.

In 2009, I took a blogging hiatus. Unintentionally. I was so busy with my work, boys, and music, not to mention shopping for, purchasing, and getting settled into my new house, that I didn’t even realize my writing here came to an abrupt and unplanned halt. When I reviewed my 2009 archive, I was shocked to see that, aside from the Carnival and participating in a few memes, I published my last substantive article in January 2009. Part of the reason was my decision to terminate my relationship with another site where I published weekly articles for a couple of years. Not having a weekly deadline allowed me the freedom to post only when I wanted, but also eliminated my motivation to select topics about which to write and provide new content on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with blogging less frequently, of course, since it is a hobby for me, rather than my profession. However, I plan to get back to writing more regularly and purposefully.

I will also remember 2009 as a year filled with transitions and change, as well as tremendous challenges. It was the year that I took a professional “hit” in the form of a nearly 15 percent salary reduction due to the furloughs imposed by the Governator, but have made excellent use of the extra three days per month that I do not work. It was the year that I lost one of the best friends I’ve ever had, Clint Ritchie, as well one of my mentors and tutors, the senior partner at my former law firm. But I also reconnected with several old friends and made quite a few new ones.

And, of course, I decided that it was, at long last, time to live my life apart from my husband of 24 years. That has proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Now that I have my beautiful house that I maintain in accordance with my standards of cleanliness, organization, and a dearth of chaos and clutter, I have welcomed more guests into my home in the past four months than in the prior two decades. Since I love to entertain and missed having the ability to do so, the move has been very positive for me. Even better, my friends have embraced my new circumstances, as well as my residence. In fact, one woman with whom I have been friends since seventh grade (1968) brought me the lovely window decoration this past weekend. When giving it to me, she explained that when she saw it in the store, she immediately thought of me and my new house! That was one of the loveliest compliments I have ever received. I smile every morning when I get up, look out my kitchen window into the backyard and see it hanging on the glass. My friends have officially dubbed my new place “the party house” and that delights me.

I hope you spend this night with folks you love, feeling loved. I hope you are warm, well-fed, comfortable, and at peace with what the old year brought, as well as hopeful about what the new year holds in store for you and those dearest to you. Have a wonderful New Year’s celebration!


  1. Anonymous

    Aww she is sooo cute.. But if you look at her eyes you can tell what she is really thinking about those antlers 😆

  2. Wow, you did have some big changes in the past year. I hope the new year brings much happiness in your “new” life alone–it sounds like you are happier already.

    As for the antlers–I did the same to my cat. He was not thrilled either. At least your little dog sat for a minute for the photo!

  3. Manhattan

    I like your dog’s style. Not afraid to wear goofy antlers and post a picture of it.

    Anyway, remember, you’re only as old as you want to be. Especially over the Internet.

  4. Your dog looks just like a reindeer 🙂

    On a sidenote: I just recently found my missing dog. He is like my brother and I’m glad I found him!


  5. Juliane Britze

    What a funny picture! Although the holiday are over, the pic definetely brightened up my day!

  6. Your dog does looked adorable in his antlers. Great pic to share. Well I hope you are having the best of luck with your new blog and look forward to checking it out. Best of luck to you in 2010.

  7. Anonymous

    Sophie looks really great (even she looks a little uncomfy on those antlers), and good luck to your new blog.

  8. I like the pictures of your dog. Very funny! 😆

  9. ha ha, nice antlers. I hope you have a good new year and keep all of your resolutions. I’ll try to do the same

  10. Aww Sophie looks so cute in those antlers! 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful year that’s filled with more ups than downs 🙂

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