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This week’s meme comes from Maggie at Mind of a Woman. She found it at Loralee’s Looney Tunes.

A – Advocate for: Civil rights / equality.

B – Best Feature: My smile.

C – Could do without: Politics in any form.

D – Dreams and desires: At this point, I’m pretty content, so my desire is to remain happy for the long-term.

E – Essential items: My flute and piano.

F – Favorite past time: These days, I’m enjoying spending time at home in my new house.

G – Good at: Making my kids know that they are loved unconditionally and unendingly. Even when I’m not a perfect mother, they never, ever doubt that I am their more zealous advocate and defender.

H – Have never tried: Bungee jumping. Never will.

I – If I had a million dollars: My life would not change much, but I would be able to pay my boys’ tuition and other expenses at any colleges they select. I would also buy a baby grand piano for my living, as well as some new furniture for the house.

J – Junkie for: White mochas.

K – Kindred spirit: I’m lucky to have several.

L – Little known fact: Both of my marriages started out as blind dates.

M – Memorable moment: Arguing a high-profile case before the California Supreme Court. The courtroom was packed with media representatives, including artists whose sketches appeared on the newscasts. A once-in-a-lifetime career high that will never be replicated.

N – Never again will I: Get married.

O – Occasional indulgence: Peanut butter.

P – Profession: Lawyer.

Q – Quote: “I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and simply look on.” Eleanor Roosevelt

R – Reason to smile: Many. I’m a very lucky, blessed person. But the two biggest reasons are:

S – Sorry about: My intolerance for certain behaviors.

T – Things you are worrying about right now: My good friend’s 87-year-old mother was taken to the hospital today, so I am thinking about her entire family. They have reached the point where decisions will have to be made and changes are inevitable. It’s a difficult time for them.

U – Uninterested in: Most professional sports.

V – Very scared of: Further retinal problems.

W – Worst habits: Swearing, being impatient.

Y – Yummiest dessert: Honey Treat nonfat Fudgesicle yogurt.

X – X marks my ideal vacation spot: Hawaii.

Z – Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

Click here to see the list of other participants, visit their sites, and read their responses.


  1. Blind dates, huh?

    Oh you and I are going to jump out of a plane. One day. Oh we will.

    Have a great week!!! 🙂
    .-= The Fish®s last blog . . . ABC It’s As Easy As 123 =-.

  2. Anonymous

    I think about bungee jumping the same way!
    Don’t love extreme and risks that don’t do you any good.

  3. Al Rosson

    Man that is amazing and it most definitely took some time and a lot of thought.

    Hope everyone has had a great Sunday!

  4. i love this types of memes. i’ll definitely going to try this one too.

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