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At long last, summer is predicted to yield to autumn tomorrow here in Northern California. And finally, after moving and striving to settle into our new home, I have had time to peruse the more than 200 posts submitted to and compile this “Fall Into Fall” Edition of the !

I thank everyone who is participating in this Edition either by contributing their post(s) or reading the wonderful submissions received!

I also thank you for your patience! Moving turned out to be much more work and far more tiring that I anticipated or remembered. But well worth the time, effort, and expense. We absolutely love our new home and are enjoying our first glimpses of the changing season as the colors in our beautiful yard slowly transform into golds, oranges, and browns.

Family Cooking & Recipes

James Ward presents Hot Holiday food posted at Family Meals Made Easy, featuring exotic recipes and new summer tastes.

Marjorie presents Make-Your-Own Granola posted at Laurel on Health Food. Make a big batch and have a delicious snack ready for your family sans artificial ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives.

Make it from Scratch presents Fun Fruity Drinks posted at Make It From Scratch.

Mr Salsa presents A Great Tomato Mango Salsa Recipe posted at Salsa Recipes For You.

Family Crafts & Activities

The Family presents At the beach posted at Once Upon a Family, illustrating that family members can pursue individual interests and still spend time together.

presents Mom Birthday Cards Printable posted at Home Life Weekly.

Dolfin presents WFMW – Paper Dolls posted at Lionden Landing, describing how energetic preschoolers can play with and enjoy paper dolls for many hours.

Make it from Scratch presents Homemade Edible Jewelry posted at Make It From Scratch.

Vera Lang presents Starbucks Coffee Cup Cozy ~ Easy Craft For The Beach posted at Fine Craft Guild .com, a craft idea that is “feminine, useful, ecofriendly, and makes a fabulous personalized gift adapted to any theme or season.” Features a free tutorial, tips and personalization ideas.

PT presents The Munny Journey Keepsake Journal posted at Prime Time Money, a Munny Journey Keepsake Journal.

Elle Kaye presents Free Kids’ Party Games posted at KiddingAbout.

Lisapresents Getting Creative with Toddlers! posted at KiddingAbout.

Adam presents Playdough Games posted at Natural Parenting Tips.

Savannah Garcia presents Memo Board posted at Fancy Vintage.

Make it from Scratch presents Make Your Own Treasure Hunt posted at Make it From Scratch.

Get Pumpkin Templates for Halloween posted at Home Life Weekly, free templates for Halloween pumpkin carving.


Martha Jackson presents Top 50 Online Education Blogs posted at The .Edu Toolbox.

Mark Montgomery presents Five Essential Tips for a Perfect College Essay posted at Great College Advice. “It’s never too early to think about college essays,” per Mark.

Meaghan Montrose presents Back to School Tips to be Successful in Class posted at Tutor Fi.

Tom DeRosa presents I Want to Teach Forever: Parent & Student Guide to Getting the Teachers and Classes You Deserve posted at I Want to Teach Forever, offering an insider’s perspective.

Miss Bankrupt presents Analysis of Kindergarten School Supplies posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Family Humor

Puna Miller presents Happy Birthday to Me posted at Life Signatures.

Scott presents The Wave of Discipline posted at Scott.

Janette presents My Mom Is Cool; Top Gun Cool posted at World’s Strongest Librarian.

Suburban Wife presents Marriage Humor, Newlywed Fights posted at Suburban Wife Life.

Cher presents Mall Shopping 101 posted at TheOnlyGirl.com about how Cher is “training my husband and sons to be shoppers.”

Family Finance

Barry presents Does it Make Sense to Use Home Equity to Invest? posted at Associate Money.

Jim presents FICO Risk Factor Reason Codes posted at Bargaineering.

DR presents List of Free Prepaid Credit Cards posted at The Dough Roller.

Kevin Heath presents 25 Places that Kids Eat Free posted at More4kids.

DR presents Are Student Credit Cards Evil? posted at The Dough Roller.

Jim presents Canceling A Credit Card posted at Bargaineering.

Condo Blues presents 10 Ways for College Students to Go Green on the Cheap posted at Condo Blues.

Jim presents How to Compare 0% Balance Transfer Offers posted at Bargaineering.

Barry presents Retirement Planning: Can You Make Do With Less? posted at Associate Money.

Doug Boude presents Buying a New Home is Easy! posted at Doug Boude.

nickel presents Preserving the Harvest posted at fivecentnickel.com.

JT presents How To Consolidate Debt: Ways To Reduce Your Debt Load posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Madison presents Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 – $100 Bonus posted at My Dollar Plan, describing an opportunity to get some free money for college with the Ohio 529, one of the highest rated 529 plans.

Dan at Everydayfinance presents Child Costs 2008-2009: $221,000 thru 17 (Before College Costs!) posted at Everyday Finance, an analysis of a recent government report outlining the current cost of raising a child.

Family Health and Wellness

Neena presents Healthy Lunches posted at A Mom’s Life at NeenMachine.com, providing 40 healthy lunch ideas to help “jump-start the school year.”

Helene Zemel presents Urge Your Representatives & Senators to support a Single Payer Health Care System posted at Health Plans Plus. In Helene’s opinion, our healthcare system is “badly broken; the best solution might be to replace it with something completely different. Only a single payer system would provide healthcare coverage for all. This system, also called Medicare for all, would offer cost savings not found in any other system.”

Aparna presents Bhramari Pranayam posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming, a discussion of the yoga breathing system that “improves concentration, relieves migraine pains, reduces stress and hypertension, and combats and prevents disease.”

Aparna presents Beauty & Personality Grooming: General tips for positive health from Ayurveda posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming. “Sound health is the basis for happiness,” Aparna writes. “These tips assure you good health, the fountain of happiness.”

Jacquelyn presents Swine Flu Precautions posted at WParent.com – Wise Parenting Guide.

Parenting Tips & Advice

Sheila Huggins presents I Need a Babysitter posted at Finding a Babysitter Made Easy.

Christina Crowe presents 6 Steps to Avoid Child Rage posted at Salad Sticks, offering a method to avoid arguments with your child.

Gin G. presents Developing Inner Strength in Children posted at Leaving Lifetime Influence.

Dan presents What are Those Kids Texting? A Parents’ Guide posted at My Dad Blog, decoding the symbols and acronyms kids are typing/texting to each other.

Sonja Stewart presents The Art of War: How Arguing in Front of Your Kids Can Benefit Them posted at Parenting Squad.

Barbara Long presents Some Thoughts on Potty Training posted at Front Street Playschool.

Becca Glouzstein presents How to Strengthen Your Kids in the Face of Difficulties posted at Inspiration for Mothers.

Joe E. presents Should We Punish Children for Not Finishing Their Dinner? posted at Promote Health. Like so many folks, “I grew up in a family where children could not leave the dinner table until the food on our plates was gone,” Joe writes. “But is that really the best way to raise kids?”

Emma presents Defending your parenting choices. posted at Baby-Log.

Autumn Beck presents Pocket Cloth Diapers, Love Story? posted at All About Cloth Diapers, explaining how “pocket cloth diapers were the perfect solution for my 15-month-old son’s nighttime needs. My pocket cloth diaper love story continued for many years.”

Gin G. presents Internet Safety Tips for Children posted at Web Wise n Oh So Savvy.

Family Pets

Jake presents How to Play With Your Dog posted at Dog Training Pet.

marjorie presents Stewart the dog posted at Green Thinking Blog, describing Stewart’s first eco-friendly, organic dog bone (complete with squeakers).

Amir Marzouq presents How Eco-friendly is Your Dog? posted at Guffly.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

BeThisWay presents Vacation Ends, You Can Find Me Left of Center posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?

Sharon presents Mom – We will Remember You posted at Psychic Cottage, a loving tribute to her mother on the tenth anniversary of her death.

Dazza presents A Wedding for the Cynics posted at A Life That’s Ordinary, explaining how he engaged in a “little self-discovery at a wedding.”

Rick Schiano presents You Didn’t Marry Your Kids posted at Rick’s Victory Blog.

OPTED Magazine presents Clutter of a spouse: how to deal with it posted at OPTED Magazine. Good luck with that!

TherapyDoc presents The D Word posted at Everyone Needs Therapy.

Taylor Coburn presents The 7 Areas of Life posted at Motivia. “When it comes to relationships, it is worth remembering that all areas of our life are interconnected,” Taylor writes. “Shifts in one area can have a profound impact on what we experience in other areas of our life.”

Elisha Webster Emerson presents B.F.F. — Or At Least Until You’re Lame posted at My Inconvenient Body. “Make new friends, but keep the old? Easier said than done,” says this author.

Whitney McKim presents Individually Collective Blogging: You should lie to your spouse to save your marriage? posted at My New Chimerical Kit, asking, “Does a successful marriage require lying?” Whitney offers “a new twist on the theory that honesty is always the best policy.”

Savannah Garcia presents Looking Back . . . posted at Fancy Vintage.

Family Travel

DR presents 5 Travel Rewards Credit Cards Perfect for Family Trips posted at The Dough Roller.

presents Our Thrifty Wedding Anniversary: Harrogate Turkish Baths posted at Miss Thrifty.

Abel Cheng presents On the Road with Kids – Seven Useful Tips posted at Parent Wonder.

Kevin Poulis presents CedarPoint.com – America’s Rockin’ Rollercoast posted at SiteTally.com.

Amy presents Imagine It! Children Museum with Kids posted at Atlanta With Kid Travel Blog.

Amy presents Just Imagine if We Are in Legoland posted at The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog.

e-Mom presents Top Museum for Christian Families posted at Chrysalis, a video exploration of the controversial Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Again, thank you for participating in and supporting this Edition of the Carnival!

To submit a post for the October 5, 2009, Edition, click here! Submissions must be received by Sunday, October 4 2009, at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Be sure to include both the permalink to and relevant information about your entry. Should you have questions, the Carnival guidelines can be reviewed by clicking here.

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