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Family Cooking & Recipes

Make it from Scratch presents Hillbilly Lemonade posted at Make It From Scratch.

Amanda presents Saturday Morning Blues –BlueBerry Muffins, That Is posted at High Impact Mom.

e-Mom presents How to Make Crisp Rosemary Flatbread posted at Susannah’s Aprons.

Belle presents How to Make Fried Zucchini – with Pictures posted at Homesteaderbelle’s Blog.

Cyndi presents Mustard rub and sauce for grilled flank steak posted at Real Food Fast!, a delicious variation on flank steak for summer.

CB Fleming presents How to Cook Perfect Corn On The Cob posted at Buck Cooks. Perfect for family summer bar-b-ques.

Linda Mundy presents Cherry Almond Cupcakes posted at LJM’s Kitchen. Almonds, almond extract, and sour cherries provide a variation on a classic flavor combination.

Caren presents Sprouting Basics – Mung Beans posted at The Prudent Pantry. Sprouts are nutritious, inexpensive, and grown indoors in any climate, maturing in only a few days.

Family Crafts & Activities

Vera Lang presents How to Make a Sophisticated Stencil posted at Fine Craft Guild .com, featuring a video tutorial explaining how to create stencils for your home design and craft projects.

Make it from Scratch presents Sponge Ball Toy posted at Make It From Scratch.

Jeannie Anderson presents Ice Hockey Mr. Busypants Style posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants.

Opted Magazine presents Simple Scrapbook Organization System posted at Opted Magazine.

Amy presents Things to Pack for Family Backyard Camping with Kids posted at The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog.

Annette Berlin presents Mother-Daughter Craft Projects posted at Craft Stew. Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one time with a daughter. Perhaps you’d enjoy spending part of it crafting.

Alex presents Free Printable Birthday Cards for Dads posted at Home Life Weekly.


Fiona Lohrenz presents Formulating A Day Care Mission Statement posted at Child Care Only.

The Incidental Economist presents The Best Books for Children posted at The Incidental Economist. Recommendations of a New York Times columnist, accompanied by the author’s comments. Leave a comment adding your own favorites to the list.

Ed Biado presents Helping Your Child Study posted at Ed Biado at MST Life | Philippine Lifestyle News.

Family Humor

Jeannie Anderson presents Jorie Spelling: Fashion Diva posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants.

GP presents The Wedding Song posted at Musings from Montana, a lighter look at nuptials.

Brooke Allen presents Family Portrait posted at Rambling Brooke.

Ilona Siller presents Top 10 ways Your Toddler is Similar to an Alcoholic posted at top10mama.

Jackie Meyer presents Arsenal of Spit-Wads posted at Heart of the Matter.

Family Health and Wellness

Aparna presents Happy Feet during monsoon posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

Aparna presents Beauty and Personality Grooming: Home Remedies for headache posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, suggesting a few methods to secure relief from a headache.

Doug Boude presents Assurant Health Denies Coverage Because Young Man is Autistic posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’), an account of the author’s attempt to acquire medical benefits for his autistic son. Coverage was summarily denied because his son is nonverbal. Has the insurer engaged in discriminatory practices?

Hal LaPray presents Cancer-Stricken Social Security Claimant Makes YouTube Plea To Obama posted at Disability Information & Resources.

Parenting Tips & Advice

Bogusia Gierus presents Bombardment of Information – Overstimulation of Children posted at Nucleus Learning.

Sonja Stewart presents When Kids Lie posted at Parenting Squad.

Jeannie Anderson presents Kids and Restaurants posted at Writer Mom at Home, a two-part article.

Abel Cheng presents Dinner With the Family: It’s More Important Than You Might Think posted at Parent Wonder.

Julie presents Bond with your Teen Tonight posted at More4kids.

Csara presents Some Tips on Going from One Child to Two posted at Baby Talkers.

Joe presents How to Reward and Punish Your Teen’s Driving Habits posted at GPS for Today, discussing one way to motivate a teen to become a good driver.

Super Saver presents Preparing our Child for Job Market Uncertainty posted at My Wealth Builder.

Julie presents Explaining Death to Children posted at More4kids.

Jeannie Anderson presents Surviving the Busy Antics of a Preschooler with Autism: Part 1 posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants.

Kevin Heath presents Helping your Teen Escape Abusive or Destructive Relationships posted at More4kids.

Family Finance

Finance Tips 101 presents Tips To Help You Qualify For A Home Mortgage posted at Finance Tips 101.

jim presents Bank CD Rates posted at Bargaineering.

The Dough Roller presents Freecreditreport.com vs. Annualcreditreport.com posted at The Dough Roller, warning that free credit reports are not always free.

jim presents Is FreeCreditReport.com a Scam? posted at Bargaineering.

Barry presents Saving Money With Do-It-Yourself Projects posted at Associate Money.

e-Mom presents Help! I Married an Entrepreneur posted at Chrysalis. “He’s Not Crazy. He’s Gifted.”

jim presents How Secured Credit Cards Work posted at Bargaineering, offering tips on how to use secured credit cards to improve your family’s finances.

The Dough Roller presents The College Student’s Guide to Credit Cards posted at The Dough Roller,a comprehensive guide to help college students understand the risks and rewards of credit cards.

Miss Bankrupt presents Personal Budget Cuts and My Options posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Barry presents Managing Surplus Money In The Short Term posted at Associate Money.

Finance Tips 101 presents Saving Cash With Coupons ? Three Tips To Keep More of Your Money posted at Finance Tips 101.

Coupon Hound Dog presents Walgreens, Target, K-Mart, CVS – Double Your Savings! posted at Coupon Hound Dog.

The Dough Roller presents Fixed Rate Credit Cards are the Latest Casualty of the Credit Card Act of 2009 posted at Credit Card Offers IQ.

The Dough Roller presents How to Get Your Free FICO Credit Score from myFICO.com posted at The Dough Roller.

David presents 0% Balance Transfer Offers posted at Credit Card Offers IQ.

The Dough Roller presents Will the “Real” FICO Credit Score Please Stand Up? posted at The Dough Roller. Make sure you get your real FICO score, not a fake.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents myFICO To Drop Experian Credit Score and Report: One Less FICO Score posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents Best High Yield Savings Accounts posted at The Smarter Wallet. Be sure to discuss your savings plan with your family.

Investing Toolkit presents Why Should I Start Investing? posted at Investing Toolkit.

Ray presents Net Worth Update and First Time Home Buyer Plans posted at Money Blue Book.

Miss Bankrupt presents My Deadbeat Television posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Jim DeSantis presents Why Fixing Your FICO Credit Score Should Be Your First Priority! posted at Emotions and Credit at On Line Tribune If you have examined your credit report, you have discovered that your FICO score is not included. The credit bureaus want you to pay to learn your score, but there is an alternative way to obtain the information.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

Elisha Webster Emerson presents The Stories That Fill Up The Dark posted at My Inconvenient Body, discussing the role scary stories play in wellness and being a new parent.

Kela Price presents Adding a new baby to your blended family posted at blended family soap Opera.

Jeannie Anderson presents Working out of the Panera Office posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants.

Joy presents Facing your demons posted at Joy’s Journey To Wellness.

Lin Burress presents How to Be a Good Daughter-In-Law: Building a Great Daughter-In-Law Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law posted at Telling It Like It Is.

Jason Small presents It all starts in Blue Earth, Minnesota posted at New Pennasota. The author is documenting his experiences running a business in New York City with his wife and visiting family and friends in Minnesota and Pennsylvania while hoping to one day move back to their families — “in both states!”

Jeannie Anderson presents Pretzel Art and the Faith of a Kid with Autism posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants.

Taylor Coburn presents Quiz: Abundance of Time and Goals posted at Motivia, asking, “What is the secret behind one person wasting his/her time and another spending it pursuing his/her goals?”

Donald Latumahina presents Achieve Exponential Growth with The Power of Leverage posted at Life Optimizer.

Family Travel

Jenny presents Traveling with Children posted at the so called me.

Amy presents Day Trip: Buford Dam Park Beach near Atlanta posted at Atlanta With Kid Travel Blog, offering a great way to escape the Atlanta heat without “breaking the bank.”

Miss Bankrupt presents Personal Financial Goal #1 – Take a Vacation With My Daughter posted at Miss Bankrupt.

GP presents Bed, Breakfast and Hiking Boots posted at Musings from Montana.

One Family presents Cancun Trip Report posted at One Family’s Blog.

Ben Dinsmore presents How to Get the Best Deal Booking Travel OnLine posted at Trees Full of Money.

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  2. Thank you for hosting the carnival of family life and for including my article. You’ve got lots of great reading material for all of us, and I’m going through one at a time. I’m also glad to hear you’re feeling better after your surgery – been following you on Twitter. Get well soon! 🙂
    .-= Lin Burress @Telling It Like It Is´s last blog . . . Comment on Lessons In Frugality by Lin =-.

  3. Thank you so much for including my blog post under the Family Humor section of this carnival. I have enjoyed reading all of the submitted posts.
    .-= Jackie Meyer´s last blog . . . What in the World? =-.

  4. Thanks for the list of links to articles. I was reading Jennie’s entry on “traveling with children” to get ideas for a group of kids I will be chaperoning on a student leadership conference. It’s four days and I really dread what will happen when you have 36 smart, rambunctious teens at a destination filled with opportunities (for mischief) and distractions.

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