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Family Cooking & Recipes

Make it from Scratch presents My Favorite Pancakes posted at Make It From Scratch, a dish that’s actually “great for any meal!”

vegefood presents Spicy Chicken with Green Chillies posted at Vegetarian Culinary.

Crafts & Activities

Cyndi Lavin presents Painting fabric in a bag posted at Mixed Media Artist. “You can never know too many tricks for painting with kids,” according to Cyndi, who offers an effective way to contain the mess while ending up with some great-looking fabrics to use in your art projects.

Vera Lang presents 10 Free Printable Fathers Day Cards, Templates & More Project Ideas posted at Fine Craft Guild .com.  Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, 2009!  This site will help you get ready.


Erin presents Free Tutoring posted at Note from the Teacher.

Becca Glouzstein presents Principles of Empowerment to Teach your Children posted at Inspiration for Mothers.Com.

Family Humor

Dan presents Why I Love My Kids Wednesday – Dirty Q-Tips Edition posted at My Dad Blog, a humorous look at why that Dad loves his kids, dirty Q-tip surprises and all.

Better Homemaking presents Day of Beauty posted at Better Homemaking: Personal Development, offering a unique perspective on her beauty regimen.

Family Finance

The Dough Roller presents 0% APR Balance Transfer for 12 Months posted at The Dough Roller, a discussion of one of the last reamining 12-month 0% APR balance transfer deals.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents ETrade Online Brokerage Account: Top Broker Review posted at The Digerati Life. “Part of family finance involves managing your investments. Here’s a review of a popular stock broker for your long term investment accounts.”

The Dough Roller presents Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at The Dough Roller, offering an “updated list of 0% balance transfer offers” that can be used to lower interest payments.

Family Health and Wellness

GrrlScientist presents Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder: The Newest Mental Illness? posted at Living the Scientific Life.  The updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) may soon list a new mental disorder:  Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder (PTED).  Are you or a member of your family experiencing symptoms?

Parenting Tips & Advice

Elisha Webster Emerson presents Time is Money? O Yes! posted at My Inconvenient Body, all about how a new mother has learned the principles of time management.

Amy Hobbs presents The Package Deal posted at Amy Reads Good Books.

Kakie presents Book Review – Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys posted at Bur Bur & Friends: Community Park.  The book explores the state of raising boys in modern society and tools for providing them “the emotional literacy to thrive.”

Emma presents Potty training, step 1 – choosing a potty posted at Baby-Log.

Julie presents Teen Depression: Is it More than “Just the Blues?” posted at More4kids.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Guidelines For Preparing A Day Care Safety Statement posted at Child Care Only.

Family Pets

Jake presents 3 Tips to Stop Dogs from Begging posted at Dog Training Pet.  At our house, we gave up on this lesson many years ago.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

Jenny presents Grateful for All the Little Things posted at the so called me, a collection of the things that “make [Jenny] happy in life.”

Susan Gaissert presents The Winding Path of Mother-Daughter Love posted at The Expanding Life.

Catherine VanWetter presents Family Healing posted at To The Heart of the Matter, a description of an intergenerational healing process that “restores the flow of love and strength from our ancestors, those who came before us, to us.”

Carole Gold presents The Black Art of Control: How to Reclaim Your Power posted at Carole Gold, offering insight for her teenage daughter about abusive relationships.

Charles H. Green presents The Power of I’m Sorry: the Four Rs of a Trustworthy Apology posted at Trust Matters.

Super Saver presents First Trophy posted at My Wealth Builder.

Donald Latumahina presents 10 Essential Career Lessons From Terence Tao posted at Life Optimizer.

Leticia Velasquez presents The prayer of a little saint posted at cause of our joy.

Lucy presents Uncovering the True You posted at Lucy’s Life.

Thank you to all who participated in and supported this edition of the Carnival!

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