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Family Cooking & Recipes

Mother Hen presents Healthy Squash Muffins! posted at Mother Hen.

Annette Berlin presents Spinach And Noodles posted at Craft Stew. The recipe, with quite a few changes, is based on one called “Greens and Noodles” from the Vegetarian Express Lane Cookbook. But Annette “made it a little quicker and a whole lot more garlicky.”

The Family presents Frozen Yogurt Peanut Butter Pops posted at Once Upon a Family.

Rani presents Banana Split Dessert posted at Christ’s Bridge.

Family Crafts & Activities

Nickel presents Free Summer Movies for Kids – 2009 Edition posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Super Saver presents Free Summer Activities for our Four Year Old posted at My Wealth Builder.

Mama Bear presents Get Outside Weekend! posted at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill.

Jennifer presents Family Fishing Fun + How to Make a Cane Pole posted at Make It From Scratch, saying, “A fun and economical outing for the whole family.”

Stephanie presents The Secret Clubhouse posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood, an aritcle about “imaginations run wild.”

Char Polanosky presents Eight Things to Look for in a Youth Basketball Program posted at Sports Girls Play, providing tips applicable to any sports program.


Dana presents Homeschooling, socialization and my daughter posted at Principled Discovery.

Family Finance

Finance Tips 101 presents Working Out A Family Budget Will Help You Save Money posted at Finance Tips 101.

jim presents Request & Check Your Specialty Reports Annually posted at Bargaineering.

David presents Discover Card Doubles Rewards for Military Families posted at Credit Card Offers IQ.

The Dough Roller presents Three Gadgets That Can Cut Your Energy Costs By 30% posted at The Dough Roller.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Balance Transfer Credit Card Tips, Facts and Traps posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents S & P Index and Crude Oil Market Trends: Next Steps? posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Pinyo presents Wealth Banes: 3 Habits That Will Ruin Your Finances posted at Moolanomy. “My dad told me a long time ago,” Pinyo writes, “that I will never be poor if I avoid three bad habits.”

Lindsay presents Have Squatters Entered Your Neighborhood? posted at Home Security Beat. Keeping your family safe starts with keeping your neighborhood safe. With the current foreclosure rate, empty houses are plentiful . . . and an easy target.

Family Health and Wellness

Mikkal Travvis presents How To Survive A Flu Pandemic posted at Bird Flu Pandemic.

Susan Gaissert presents A Hi-Tech Way to Lend a Hand posted at The Expanding Life.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Book Announcement: The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution. “While most of us have heard the phrase ‘use it or lose it,’ very few understand what ‘it’ means, or how to properly ‘use it’ in order to maintain brain function and fitness.”

Parenting Tips & Advice

Dan presents Flushing Toys Down the Toilet – Punishment Time posted at My Dad Blog, discussing “the joys of children flushing objects down toilets — and how to administer the consequences of a costly plumbing bill.”

Toni presents Let’s go for a 120-day maternity leave! posted at Wifely Steps, suggesting that readers “learn from one another how maternity/parental leave is administered in different countries.”

Julie presents To Hug or Not to Hug posted at More4kids.

Kevin presents The Marionette posted at Textual Intercourse.

Family Pets

Lucy presents Pets As Wedding Attendants posted at Wedding Tips. Believe it or not, including pets in weddings is a popular trend.

GP presents The Ingredients for Equine Success posted at Manely Montana, an examination of “life lessons learned from our animals.”

Kim Olovsson presents Death of a Hamster posted at 2funmoms.com. Have you ever been faced with a life and death situation involving a hamster?

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

Dana presents A game of catch, a game of life posted at Simple Pleasures.

Robert Burton Robinson presents Saving Up to Buy Some Happiness posted at Mind Over Mania.

Family Travel

Jim DeSantis presents How To Stop Road Rage. What I Learned In Driver Friendly Texas! posted at On Line Tribune. “Taking a vacation to visit relatives is always fun and can be a surprising adventure when one is open to discovering all that the local culture has to offer,” Jim observes. “So it was for me in the Lone Star state of Texas.”

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  1. I got a lovely dog and he likes to go with me to different places.
    “Pets as wedding attendants” is a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like when they say that you could have an option to bring your dog with you /yes, “it is do-able” โ—

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