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 Family Cooking & Recipes 

Rani presents 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake posted at Christ’s Bridge, saying, “This is so yummy and quick!”

Anna Migeon presents Why A Child’s Place is In the Kitchen: Relating To and Through Food posted at French kids don’t get fat. “If it’s true that the surest way to the heart is through the stomach,” Anna writes, “we non-French cooks will just have to do the best we can.”


Erin presents What Do These Test Scores Mean? Part 1 posted at School Psychologist Blog Files.

GrrlScientist presents Meme: My Earth Day Resolutions posted at Living the Scientific Life, sharing the list of Earth Day Resolutions made by a former country girl who now lives in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Sonja Stewart presents Is Your Son Ready for Kindergarten? posted at Parenting Squad.

Mark Montgomery presents Choosing the Right College Curriculum–How Much Choice Is Right For You? posted at Great College Advice. College academic programs vary greatly. The author explains two different options students should consider when deciding which college is right for them.

Susan Gaissert presents The Torture Memos: A Teachable Moment posted at The Expanding Life.

Rob presents Learn a lesson with the Power Hog posted at Energy Saving Gadgets, illustrating one method for teaching your children about the cost of energy.

Finance Tips 101 presents What You Need to Know about Academic Scholarships posted at Finance Tips 101.

Family Finance

mominisrael presents Frugal Strategies for Young Families that Pay Off as Your Children Grow posted at A Mother in Israel. A mother of six shares ways to start saving money early . . . and as your children grow.

nickel presents How to Handle Marriage and Money Talks posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Momma presents How to Stretch Your Budget and Get Free Groceries posted at Engineer a debt free life.

Credit Shout presents Disney Rewards Visa Card Review posted at CreditShout.

jim presents How To Get A Free FICO Credit Score posted at Bargaineering.

freefrombroke presents Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Marriage! posted at Free From Broke, suggesting that couples thoroughly discuss financial matters before marrying.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents HSBC Direct Online Savings Account Review: With Free ATM Bank Card posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents Hiring A Tax Advisor? Ask Your Tax Planner These Questions First posted at The Smarter Wallet.

The Dough Roller presents Citi Forward Review posted at The Dough Roller. Citibank recently launched a new credit card called Forward which is unique in that members receive bonus points and lower interest rates for paying their bills on time and not exceeding their credit limit.

Family Health and Wellness

Aparna presents Your hair can get sunburnt too posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming. Extreme exposure to the sun results in hair losing its smoothness, shine and luster.

Farid presents Taking the Mystery Out Of Moisturizers posted at Skin Beauty Blog.

Farid presents Smoothing Wrinkles Might Be Difficult, but Preventing Them Is Easy posted at Wrinkle Advise.

Farid presents Experimenting With Acne Care Products posted at Acne Advise.

Family Humor

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Rudy’s Family Values posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

erika (realmomma) presents A Real Momma’s Day Book: Confessions of a Real Momma ~ Part 1 posted at A Real Momma’s Day Book.

Ilona Siller presents Top 10 things I hate hearing mothers say to me at the playground. posted at top10mama.

Family Crafts & Activities

Dan presents T Ball Season is Underway – Wow! posted at My Dad Blog, saying, a humorous look at the bizarre experiences of a first time T Ball Coach with some coaching tips thrown in.

Anika presents Celebrate! posted at It’s easy being green.

Mikkal Travvis presents How To Start An Organic Garden posted at Organic Health.

leni presents Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens posted at Queens Mamas.

Kevin Heath presents Happy Earth Day! Green Living Tips for your Family posted at More4kids.

Parenting Tips & Advice

Woman Tribune presents Piggy Paint Finally Makes Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Nail Polish a Reality posted at Woman Tribune.

Abel Cheng presents Breastfeeding: Seven Excellent Benefits For Mothers posted at Parent Wonder.

Kela Price presents Babies after age 35 posted at blended family soap opera.

Paul Hooper presents Dealing with Problematic Children posted at online-niche-store.com, saying, “If you have your own children then you understand the beauty of seeing your child grow and develop their own personalities. But it is not uncommon for children to become difficult during their development, this could be for so many different reasons”

Organic Babywear presents “Organic” is More Than Just Edibles posted at Organic Baby Wearhouse, discussing the problems with traditionally produced clothing and benefits (health and environmental) of organic baby clothing.

Family Pets

GP presents The 10 Canine Commandments posted at Manely Montana.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

Shamelle presents 8 Common Mistakes Made, After a Mistake Was Made posted at Enhance Life.

Ella Moss presents 2 More Lights posted at Zodiac Times.

Donald Latumahina presents Make Smart Choices With the “Genius of the AND” posted at Life Optimizer.

Becca Glouzstein presents Inspiring your Children posted at Inspiration for Mothers.com, asking “What does ‘inspiring’ our children mean? How can we inspire and lift them up?”

Brent Fisher presents The Intervention posted at My Ten Year Trail from Mormonism.

Colin Timberlake presents Forced Fatherhood: Are Men Being Treated Equally? posted at colintimberlake.com, asking whether men should be able to choose whether to become a parent.

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  2. the post about breastfeeding is very informative especially for new moms. I am a work-at-home mom (writing wedding favors and weddings articles) and I love being with my kid watching her development month after month. It’s the most wonderful experience in my life.

  3. Just stopping by to say thanks for including me in your carnival. I like what you have going here. All the best,

    Colin Timberlake´s most recent post: Underappreciated Actors: Pamela Reed

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  5. That’s a lot of link love! It will take a while for me to make it though all of them, but i’ll try.

  6. Thanks for another round of great links JHS, I always look forward to them. Christ’s “5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake” was a delicious recipe that me and my daughter loved.

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