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Today is #1Son’s 22nd birthday, so this Edition of the Carnival is presented in his honor!

Each year, we ask him to pick the restaurant where he would like to have a quiet birthday dinner with his family. And each year, his response is the same: Larry Arroyo’s Mexican Cafe. So once again, we enjoyed a delicious meal with Larry and Mary, the proprietors, along with the boys’ godparents and their youngest daughter.

Family Cooking & Recipes

The boys' godmother baked brownies for the birthday guy!

Michael Medeiros presents Barbecue Plum Sauce posted at Barbecue Recipes. Barbecue sauce doesn’t have to be made from ketchup and vinegar. Try a fruity plum sauce this summer.

Rani presents Danish Sugar Cookies posted at Christ’s Bridge.

Family Crafts & Activities

Larry Arroyo

Abel Cheng presents 12 Birthday Party Secret Tips Every Parent Must Know posted at Parent Wonder.

Astrid Lee presents Earth Day 2009 posted at World Healing.

Stephanie presents Milk Crate Storage posted at Make It From Scratch, featuring “toy storage that is both pretty and practical.”

Anika presents Naturally Fun! posted at It’s easy being green.

Jennifer presents boy and shovel posted at Diary of 1.

Helene Zemel presents Introducing The Piano Blog posted at The Piano Blog, a new site for both beginners and advanced students, as well as piano teachers, discussing pedagogy and technique.

Professor presents The Last Zebra posted at Professor of Protection.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Ideas For Day Care Activities And Games posted at Child Care Only.

Family Finance

Steve & Rob, the godparents. Rob and I have been friends since 4th grade.

Patrick Smith presents Understanding Job Benefits posted at Real World Advice. “If you are fortunate enough to secure a job offer,” Patrick writes, “do not discount the benefits involved, such as health insurance.”

Stephanie presents Baby Step One posted at Stop the Ride!. “We’re on our way to getting out of debt,” Stephanie announced to her readers.

James presents What to Look For in a Good Health Insurance Policy posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Anonymous presents You Can’t Borrow From An IRA posted at My Retirement Blog.

Jim Wang presents I Finally See Value in Entertainment Books posted at Bargaineering.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents ING Direct Orange Savings Account Review: Online Bank Features posted at The Digerati Life, a review of an online bank that is a perfect place to house your family’s liquid emergency fund.

"Smile at the iPhone! I need photos of you for my blog!"

JT presents Budget Your Money and Control Your Spending Using This Simple System posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Super Saver presents It’s a Great Day to Be Alive posted at My Wealth Builder.

Laura presents Lending Money to Family and Friends posted at fivecentnickel.com.

DR presents Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau– Do his “secrets” really work? posted at The Dough Roller, opining that the book does not live up to his sales pitch. “Not even close.”

Health and Wellness

"All right, if you're going to keep takng pictures of me with your iPhone, I'm going to take pictures of you!"

Nickel presents Save on Healthcare: Cheap Immunizations at the Health Department posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Farid presents Benefits of Mineral Makeup posted at Dr. Skin Spa. Mineral makeup has been gaining popularity among women since the past few years. The author explains the composition of and reasons why this type of makeup has become popular.

Aparna presents Fragrant fennel – Uses posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming. Fennel seeds are a common sight in Indian kitchens, commonly used for seasoning and garnishing in Indian cuisine. But the seed has other uses, as well.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Health News: Top Articles and Resources in March posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution.

Family Humor

We call it simply "The Face." When he was a baby, #1Son used to make that face in his sleep. It's the same face he made when I tried to give him a pacifier -- he spit it back at me. After a couple more tries, I gave up. He never did use one which was fine because that meant I didn't have to try and pry it away from him later.

Stickman presents Embarrassing Kids – and the Future of Parenting posted at Stickman Musings, offering tips for bringing some fun to the parent/child relationship.

Tracey presents Thirteen Things That Will Be Lost posted at Girls to Grow.

Parenting Tips & Advice

Nope, MattieBoo didn't drink that Dos Equis. That was Mama's!

jen presents Queen for a season posted at The Chronicles Of Windy Ridge.

Renae presents Keep the Memories, Get Rid of the Stuff posted at Life Nurturing Education.

Mike King presents 8 Steps for Acting on Inspiration posted at Learn This. Mike says that “parenting is all about inspiring your kids to be successful.”

Meaghan Montrose presents 5 Ways to Connect with your Child posted at Tutor Fi.

Nicholas Powiull presents Growth through Practicing Unconditional Love: Parenting posted at Conscious Flex. “Knowledge is power, but knowledge with unconditional love is the greatest power in the universe,” according to Nicholas.

Era Sundar presents Frustration posted at Today’s Thought.

Dan presents How to Survive a Restaraunt with Your Kids posted at My Dad Blog, offering advice on “surviving the dreaded trip to the restaurant with young children.”

Family Pets

Dana presents Shall we buy some chickens, dear? posted at Simple Pleasures.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement


Lori DiPatri presents My Open Love Letter posted at Where in the world is . . . Deerwood Drive.

GP presents A Pause for the Cause « Manely Montana posted at Manely Montana, saying, “Take a pause for the cause”

GrrlScientist presents Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend posted at Living the Scientific Life. The author of the book by that title makes the argument that some psychopathic people, including the author’s very destructive sister, are born with “evil genes.” If so, how do we deal with them?

Family Travel

mom & dad present Disney Cruise, Take Two posted at raising4boys.com.

Modern Parent presents Our 2009 Walt Disney World Vacation posted at Modernparent.org.

Sheila A. Scarborough presents Where I’d take my kids: best U.S. family beach vacations posted at Family Travel Guide, a discussion of some of the author’s favorite kid-friendly beaches in the United States.

#1Son: "Yes, Dad, you know she's going to put these pictures on her blog!" MattieBoo: "I'm resigned to it -- and the fact that Uncle Steve is putting bunny ears on me right now."

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  1. Was there ever a year he chose another restaurant aside from what he has always picked? will there be a birthday which you think he will choose another place to celebrate dinner with family and friends?

    Choose Your VoIP´s most recent post: VoIPYourLife

  2. That was a wonderful blog. I bet you still remember him as a baby. Is MattieBoo the one in the pictures of your trip to Clint Ritchie’s ranch?

  3. Anna Alfafara

    You have a wonderful family and it’s good to know that your sons get along so very well. Well, I have 2 sons (11 and 8) and a daughter (5), and though they are closely-bonded, my boys do have some riot moments at times picking on each other. I hope they grow as close when they’re teenagers.


    Anna Alfafara´s most recent post: Sophia

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