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Jena presents An Interview posted at The Life Without School Community Blog in which “a seasoned unschooler of three teenagers answers questions about the program.

Donald Latumahina presents 47 Most Recommended Books to Read in 2008 posted at Life Optimizer.

Super Saver presents Educating for the Future posted at My Wealth Builder, explaining, “Although I am not an expert or practitioner in the field of education, I’ve come to the conclusion we need to upgrade our K-12 curriculum to educate our children for future challenges.”

Cindy presents Product and Process posted at The Life Without School Community Blog.

Family Cooking & Recipes

Julie presents Fun and Tasty Christmas and Holiday Desserts posted at More4kids.

The Smarter Wallet presents Quality Cookware To Save You Time and Energy posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Stephanie presents A new Christmas Tradition? posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

HappyCampers presents Don’t Buy Caramels Anymore . . . Make Your Own! posted at The Adventures Of The Williams Family.

Family Crafts and Activities

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Kid Friendly Homemade Ornaments posted at Sidetracked Moms.

HappyCampers presents Gingerbread Houses posted at Reese’s View Of The World.

Shannan presents Quick & Easy Tips to Create Welcome Baskets posted at homelife101. “Present your house guests with welcome baskets to make them feel truly cherished,” Shannan writes. “Welcome baskets help to set the stage for a memorable stay.”

Aahz presents Zaira and Aahz Kill Their First Christmas Tree! posted at Philaahzophy. “Zaira and I went all out for our very first Christmas tree!” Aahz says.

Nicki presents Doll Clothes For Christmas posted at Domestic Cents.

Stephanie presents Magic Reindeer Food posted at Make It From Scratch.

Amy Smith presents Nativity Crafts and Activities posted at Kids Love Learning.

Terri Mauro presents Smart Art for Kids With Sensory-Integration Challenges posted at About Parenting Special Needs.

Family Finance

Chris presents Household survival tips – how to make (and save) more money posted at Home I Own, offering advice to help your family through the recession.

Raymond presents Tips For Buying, Giving, and Using Discount Gift Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents Credit Card Offers For People With Bad Credit Or Poor Credit History posted at Money Blue Book.

Khan presents Finding Family Benefits posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 529 College Savings Plan Rewards, Referral Bonus To Save For College posted at The Digerati Life.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Holiday Gift Giving On A Tight Budget posted at The Digerati Life.

Jody DeVere presents Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Month: Smart Ways to Save Money NOW posted at Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women.

Paula Gregorowicz presents Survive and Thrive the Holidays: Saving Money Without Sacrifice posted at Life Coaching for Women Offered by The Paula G. Company.

freefrombroke presents A Mother’s Struggle Between Work And Kids posted at Free From Broke, one mother’s story of choosing between a career and raising her family.

Family Health and Wellness

Matthew presents Treating Allergies At Home posted at Fast Medical Information.  “If you have allergies, the best treatment is always avoidance rather than treating the symptoms once they appear,” Matthew opines. “Avoid the allergens that trigger the symptoms.”

Peter Garant presents Better Air Through Cool Mist Humidifiers posted at Humidifier Reviews.

GrrlScientist presents Pure Hypomanics: Living Zippedy Doo Dah Lives? posted at Living the Scientific Life, asking, “Have you ever met a person who seems to be on a perpetual caffeine high, without all the shaking? Apparently, those few lucky people have emotional ‘highs’ without experiencing the extreme mood fluctuations that a person with bipolar disorder typically suffers.”

Marsha Hudnall presents Women’s Weight Loss: ‘Tis the Season to Be Kind posted at A Weight Lifted. “Women struggling with body image and healthy weight loss/maintenance must be kind to themselves,” Marsha writes, “because once we begin to treat ourselves gently, we find we can treat others more gently — especially those with similar struggles.”

Aparna presents Ward off frequent colds this winter posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming. “The common cold is common in winter,” according to Aparna. “Hand washing has long been touted as a way to prevent a cold during cold and flu season, but schedule your hand-washing around where your hands have been, rather than the clock, because cold viruses may linger on surfaces longer than suspected, according to researchers.”

The Smarter Wallet presents 12 Consumer Safety Tips For The Holidays posted at The Smarter Wallet, offering safety tips for your family this holiday season.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Education builds Cognitive Reserve for Alzheimers Disease Protection posted at SharpBrains, explaining the terms “Cognitive Reserve” and “Brain Reserve.”

Carole Fogarty presents The Importance of Tea and Friendship: posted at The Healthy Living Lounge, “encouraging you to stop, breath and ‘give back’ to your physical, emotional or spiritual self.”

Family Humor

Vickie Sloderbeck and Faith Janes presents Fun Christmas Traditions posted at Sidetracked Moms.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents “Dear Son” Letters (Limerick) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Vickie Sloderbeck and Faith Janes presents Holiday Don’ts posted at Sidetracked Moms.

Riley presents Oh No He Didn’t posted at All Rileyed Up.

Expat Chef presents Ho, Ho, Oh Boy posted at The Expatriate’s Kitchen, describing “Christmas with some unusual observations by a three-year-old. I have a lot of ‘splaining to do.”

Family Pets

GP presents Have a Doggone Safe Holiday posted at Manely Montana, wishing readers a “doggone safe holiday.”

Kevin presents Airedale Terrier by Breeds of Dog – Dog Breeds Info posted at Dog

Family Relationships and Self-Improvement

Super Saver presents Making Old Family Christmas Traditions our New Ones posted at My Wealth Builder. “As a child, Santa Claus would always come early to our house on Christmas Eve, in time for my sister and me to open our presents
before going to bed” and now that tradition is being revived.

TherapyDoc presents What’s in a Name posted at Everyone Needs Therapy.

Jennifer presents The Magic Window posted at Diary of 1.

Shamelle presents Getting Past Your Past, Is It Really Possible? posted at Enhance Life.

makingthishome presents Revealing a Few Secrets You Didn?t Know posted at Making This Home.

Toni presents I am thankful for sweet foggy messages posted at Wifely Steps.

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Caring for Your Husband posted at Joyful Journey

Stephanie presents Warm and Cozy posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

Amy Smith presents My Best Christmas Gift This Year posted at Kids Love Learning.

Family Spirituality/Belief/Worship

luvmy4sons presents Ten Days posted at Do You Weary Like I Do? about how Christmas has changed over the years.

Kevin presents Teaching Kids The Meaning of Christmas posted at More4kids.

Family Travel

Gary R. presents Best Hiking Shoes And Why You Want Them posted at Camping Tips.

Sheila Scarborough presents I ordered the 4-Way at Skyline Chili posted at Perceptive Travel Log, saying, “What better way to warm up in winter than the food at Skyline Chili, an Ohio tradition.”

Parenting Tips and Advice

Erica Douglas presents Are you a Relay Parent? I am posted at LittleMummy.Com.

Melitsa presents Finding time for holiday play posted at Play-Activities.com.

Abel Cheng presents If Your Children Fight Over Things, Do This posted at Parent Wonder.

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Allergies are going wild now with all the strange weather going on. Thanks for hosting the carnival. You have a great holiday!

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