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My question for this edition:

Last night, ABC aired the annual Barbara Walters Special in which she named the most fascinating people of 2008.  At the top of the list was President-Elect Barack Obama.  Do you agree with her pick?  If so, why?  If not, who do you think was the most fascinating person who made headlines this past year?

My answer:

I agree with her selection of President-Elect Obama.  I have tremendous hope for his Presidency, as I believe that he represents the new brand of politician that many of us have been searching for during the past decade.  He seems to understand what is important to average Americans and appears determined not to lose touch with or forget his humble origins.

He did not expect to win the election.  In fact, when he entered the race, he gave himself little chance of succeeding.  So he could not have that he would be facing the enormous challenges that await his Presidency. But I believe that he is tackling the issues methodically, deliberatively, and earnestly.  The American people cannot ask for or expect more. I find myself fascinated with what he has to say about how he is planning to lead the country and hope that his accomplishments match his eloquence.


  1. I don’t know if I agree or not. I guess from the history stand point he wins hands down. But I don’t know that I find him a facinating person but who I would pick I also don’t know. ❓

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  2. I agree with Barbara Walters. I find him fascinating. Part of it is because he is someone who looks like me in a position that many never thought was possible. When he speaks I want to listen. In my opinion someone who has a big part in an historical moment is fascinating.

  3. I can agree that he is someone who is interesting & what he has accomplished is amazing. Good for him on that however I disagree that he is the most interesting person out there.

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  4. Well, we all pretty much knew he would be the one. I think I agree. He is at least the most talked about person these days. He has an interesting story and a lot of interesting ideas. Let’s hope it all pans out!

  5. hmmm well I guess he is interesting.. but I don’t agree with his ideals or policies..but I do hope and pray that he will do the right thing for our country.

  6. Can’t think of anyone else who could top him this last year.
    Cherly Beckham

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  7. I’m not sure if I’m fascinated by him or I’m simply fascinated by his ability to woo and charm the majority through his eloquence at public speaking. He knew just the right words to say in order to win peoples’ hearts. Not yet a President, and already, he’s finding out that campaign promises are easier said than done. It’s evident in latest reports about him changing his stances on issues from campaign to now, the reality.

    I wish him all the luck. These are very trying times, financially and economically.


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  8. Austin from Airsoft Rifles

    I definitely agree, Barack Obama is an amazing man for creating history. In over 200 years, he is the first African-American President of our country, and people who were around for the civil rights movement have been looking forward to this for decades. And now finally it has happened!

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  9. I think he is fascinating, mainly in the whole concept as to why he chose to run, and how hard of a choice that is

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