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Writers are on a constant, never-ending quest for inspiration. At times, it simply lands in front of us like an unsolicited gift. At other times, it is elusive. Life’s responsibilities invade our consciousness, weigh us down, and rob us of our creative, innovative spirit.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as a period of respite. A change of scene can do us wonders. But we get so wrapped up in the daily grind that we forget this simple principle.

For me, the ideal change of scene always involves the sea. There is nowhere I would rather be — aside from my home — than on a beach: Winter or summer, rain or shine. This was the view I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon considering.

After four days in San Diego, I am home and the brief change of scene, coupled with the soft, ocean breezes, has refreshed and invigorated me.

Is there a special place to which you retreat when you need a change of scene and a period of respite from your daily responsibilities and routine? Where is it? Why is it special to you?


  1. Anonymous

    I love your article. I can actually relate to you.

    When I needed to escape from my daily routine, the beach is usually the place that I want to spend the rest of the day. It allows me to relax and throw away the stress that my daily routine have caused me. Other place that I want to spend the rest of the day is somewhere close to nature.

  2. latest technology

    I just love driving. Anywere but not in the city…

  3. I don’t have anywhere to retreat when I’m overwhelmed, but my home is a fine place. I haven’t needed to retreat to anything for years, though, so maybe that is why I don’t have a designated place.

  4. Not so much a special place but rather a change from writing to reading.

    Writing full-time for other businesses (and then trying to cram in my own stuff) doesn’t leave too much time to really get away as much as I’d like – but I find inspiration in the words and ramblings of others.

    I can always pick up the laptop and go write somewhere else but a change of mindset rather than a change of place seems to have the desired effect.

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  5. Lancashire SEO guy

    I’d go simpler than the sea and just say it’s the outdoors. I do quite a bit of cycling and hill running and when I get out at lunchtime and go and wear myself out with training, I come back recharged.

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  6. Since I’m “attempting” NanoWriMo for the first time, I completely understand the change of scene concept. I hit a roadblock in my storyline, thought researching more would help-but it only frustrated me more. So, my fingers stopped typing, my brain ceased to function and I took a long drive. It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do.

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  7. Sue Woolfe

    I would love to get the thoughts that come from laying on a white sand Caribbean beach!

  8. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I am the same way.

    Whenever the stresses of life overwhelm me, I just take a short vacation. I live down in Texas, so I like to go out to the hill country and find some small town to hang out in for the weekend. Meet a few locals and eat at the small mom-and-pop diners there. It helps to just clear your mind.

    I’ve never been to San Diego though… I bet it’s beautiful down there.

    – Robert

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