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The folks at Sunday Stealing rip off a meme from another blogger each Sunday. They give full credit and a link back to that author’s site, of course — and invite everyone to play along. This week, the “More About Me Me Me” meme comes from Poppingbubbles’s Weblog. She lifted it from I Read Banned Books, but it was originated by avitable

More About Me Me Me

My favorite age: Current.

My best friend(s): Rob, Lynette, Barb, Jackie, Joyce, Chingle.

My celebrity crush: Current: Jon Hamm. Former: Gandolfini.

My defining characteristic: Drive.

My most evil moment: I argued Conservatorship of Wendland before the California Supreme Court on May 30, 2001. Immediately after the oral argument, media representatives descended upon us. In particular, Good Morning, America interviewed all counsel — separately. The next morning, I turned on the broadcast and saw that my arrogant, obnoxious, overly-self-confident opposing counsel, James Braden, got the opening closeup shot and accompanying soundbite: “We lost this case today.” The best revenge is victory.

My favorite food: Mexican.

My biggest hatred:  Bigotry in any form.

My most illegal activity:  I invoke the Fifth Amendment.

My need for justice:  The eradication of discrimination.

My most knowledgeable field:  Civil rights law.

My life’s goal:  To do something that matters.

My mother’s influence: “Never be dependent upon a man.  Get a good education and be able to support yourself.”

My nerdiest point:  Definitely high school.

My oldest memory:  I can’t remember.

My perfect date:  A relaxing, delicious dinner followed by a wonderful concert or Broadway musical and after-show drinks at a club with fabulous live music.  Then back to the hotel . . . 

My unanswered question: Why do the worst things happen to the best people?

My random fact: My ears are pierced four times in each lobe.  Somebody asked me why I have the same number in each ear.  It’s because they have to be symmetrical and balanced.  I used to be an accountant, after all.

My stupidest decision:  There are so many to choose from . . . It would probably be that first marriage at the Silver Bells Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

My favorite television show:  Currently: Mad Men. All-time: The Sopranos.

My style of underwear: None of your business!

My favorite vegetable: Carrots.

My weakest trait: Impatience.

My X-men power: No clue, since I’ve never seen X-Men.

My strongest yearning: To have more hours in each day , , , or find a way to give sleep up altogether.

My moment of Zen: Sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea wearing my favorite big, lumpy sweater with a cocktail, good book, and no sound other than that of the waves crashing and birds flying overhead.


  1. bartolomo

    Nice to meet you. You sound like an interesting person. I thought most lawyer/accountants worked for the Company? :mrgreen: As a lover of red wine and one who detests ‘white zin’, I’m sure your hometown knows the real value of zin. Good luck.

  2. SusanDavis

    I liked reading your list… you sound a lot like me 🙂

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