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1. Wearing my favorite sweaters, enjoying the chilly nights and mornings, seeing all of the changing colors of the leaves, visiting the Pumpkin Patch, and playing the piano with the Stockton Symphonic Winds on October 7, 2008, are some of the things I’m most looking forward to in October.

2. Sometimes I watch reality television programs, including Project Runway, Top Chef, and Work Out.ย  Can you believe the way Kenley dissed Tim Gunn?ย  What nerve!ย  “Holler at your boy” Suede got the boot, but I was hoping she would be eliminated.

3. My career path has taken a couple of twists and turns that I initially resisted and that’s why there is a saying, “never say never”!

4. When I’m down, I spend time by myself.

5. At home is where you’ll find me most often (when I’m not working).

6.ย  A rainy day is good for blogging, reading, and practicing my musical instruments.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to this event:

Tomorrow my plans include brunch with the brides, and Sunday, I want to practice my flute and piano music for the upcoming concert, complete online traffic school, do the laundry, and get some work finished before Monday morning rolls around again!


  1. PR is one of my guilty pleasures too. I can.not.belive. Kenley was so rude to Tim Gunn! Tim has proven himself an excellent mentor and time and time again past contestants say that the best advice they could give is to listen and follow Tim Gunn’s advice. The nerve!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

    Happy Friday! Come on over when you get a chance!


  3. Project RUnway is a good show to watch on weekends… friday is my comment day , i look for good blogs, read and then comment. nice read… thanks

  4. I notice the weather has changed so much that I need a sweater in the mornings. It has warm back up the last couple of days. Yes, I really enjoy watching Project Runway. They have really been shocking me with the last couple of eliminations. I can really get in touch with my emotions when Iโ€™m alone and resting. I hope you had a great weekend.!

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