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Judd Corizan, from whom I acquired The Rising Blogger, operates Sunday Stealing. Each Sunday, they rip off a meme from another blogger — giving full credit and a link back to that author’s site, of course — and invite everyone to play along.

This week, the “All About Me” meme comes from Alex at Someday Syndrome

All About Me

Complete each sentence.

I am . . . hard-working.

I think . . . that I need to figure out a way to think less, especially late at night so that I can get more sleep! 

I know . . . that God exists.

I have . . . a wonderful job that I really enjoy for which I am thankful every day.

I wish . . . that Alec Baldwin was wrong about the parental alienation phenomenon and am glad that someone is finally speaking out on the issue.  I will be writing more on this topic soon.

I hate . . . dishonesty more than anything.

I miss . . . hearing my kids call me “Mama” in little-boy voices.

I fear . . . for this nation if John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected in November.

I hear . . . a soft Delta breeze wafting through my window — it sounds and feels lovely.

I smell . . . cheese sticks  . . . Mattie-Boo is microwaving a snack. 

I crave . . . some of those cheese sticks, but will not succumb to temptation.

I search . . . for truth on a daily basis.  I’ll let you know when I find it.

I wonder . . . why the people who are promoting Proposition 8 — the California initiative that would overturn the Supreme Court decision confirming that the right to marry is assured to all persons on an equal basis — can’t just live their lives the way they see fight and allow other people to live theirs the same way . . . in peace.

I regret . . . nothing because regret is a useless exercise and complete waste of my scarcest resource, i.e., time.

You can see just the slightest hint of orange and red lurking in the trees near my house.
There is just the slightest hint of orange and red lurking in the trees near my house.

I love . . . autumn and am delighted to see the leaves beginning to change color.

I ache . . . for my dear friend, Debra, who is undergoing treatment for a rare form of lymphoma after surviving colon cancer more than ten years ago. 

I am not . . . inclined to judge others about their life choices.  I don’t have enough time to thoroughly deal with my own issues . . . I can’t waste any of it second-guessing others.

I believe . . . that there is no such thing as happenstance.

I dance . . . The Time Warp every Halloween . . . just to hear my kids say, “No, Mom. Just . . . NO! That is wrong on so many levels” while rolling their eyes. 

I sing . . . with the radio while I am driving.

I cry . . . rarely.

I fight . . . injustice.

I win . . . every verbal battle with BigBob.  He’s a nonverbal person.

I lose . . . my composure and laugh heartily when BigBob zings me with one of his infamous left-field nonsequiturs.

I never . . . lie.  Ever.  Sometimes that gets me into trouble.

I always . . . tell my kids that they are smart, handsome, and capable.

I confuse . . . myself.  ‘Nuff said.

I listen . . . intently when a judge is speaking to me or my client.

I can usually be found . . . in a baggy night-shirt when I am at home, so call before you come over!

I am scared . . . more about the possibility of losing my eyesight than about anything else.

I need . . . to get to the gym and work out in the pool every single day in order to be optimally healthy and energetic.

I am happy about . . . too many things to list here!

I imagine . . . what my life would have been like if I had made different choices merely as an intellectual exercise.  I don’t believe in regret.


  1. RobertGartner

    I too wish that parental alienation did not exist and that systems that hold power over us would recognize their own addictive behaviors.
    Robert Gartner

  2. avatar community

    We already feel the chill of Autumn starting! Thanks for hosting and putting together another great carnival!!

  3. Wow this is an interesting meme, I have seen people write a word and then expand it at times, this is also good.

    I think this Sunday stealing is a good concept.

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