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Sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the wonderful posts included in this end-of-summer edition. There’s a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings — the Delta breezes are bringing relief from the still-hot, sunny California afternoons. But autumn is definitely on its way . . . and we’ll celebrate its arrival next Monday!


cate3 presents One of the problems with growing up posted at Why Homeschool.

Rose presents When it sounds too good to be true, save your money posted at Learning at Home.

Marjorie presents One Family’s Experience at Polyface Farm posted at Life Without School.

Tom Tessin presents Top 10 Cheapest Universities for 2008 posted at FCC Student Blog.

Super Saver presents Public Education posted at My Wealth Builder.

Family Cooking & Recipes

Christy Jordan presents Southern Plate: Guest Blogger! Butterscotch Chow Mein Candy posted at Southern Plate, describing a great cooking project that any kid can complete with his/her parents.

Donna Freedman presents Safe snacks: Beyond pudding cups and tortilla chips posted at Smart Spending.  “Manufacturers make a fortune on potato chips, microwave popcorn and the like. But does a snack have to be different from what’s already in the cupboard?” Donna asks.

Stephanie presents This Season’s Bounty. Next Season’s Gifts posted at Make It From Scratch.

HowToMe presents How to Peel a Peach posted at HowToMe.

Family Crafts and Activities

Lisa Mitchell presents Walking Together as a Family posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

SeaBirdChronicles presents Did I mention the air conditioning? – To TwinFinity and Beyond: Parenting Twin Toddlers posted at SeaBird Chronicles, discussing the benefits of joining your local Children’s Museum!

Riley presents Noodleboro’s Learn to Listen Pizza Palace Game posted at All Rileyed Up, a review of a new children’s game.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Water Fun Activities To Cool You Off This Summer posted at The Digerati Life.

Family Finance

Chris presents Being Laid Off – 4 Steps to go From a Layoff to an Amazing Job. posted at ProsperingServant.com.

Kelly presents Frugal Gift Giving: Who Do You Buy Gifts For? posted at Almost Frugal.

freefrombroke presents What We’re Doing To Adjust To One Income posted at Free From Broke. “We recently made the decision to move to one income while my wife stays home to raise the kids,” the author explains.  “Here are some things we’re doing to adjust.”

Debt Freedom Fighter presents Cut Costs At The Grocery Store By 25% Or More With These 4 Tips posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

The Smarter Wallet presents Ways To Save on Seasonal Purchases: Time To Shop For Halloween! posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Matthew Paulson presents Fitting Fees for a Sitter posted at American Consumer News.

Money Answer Guy presents What Are the Important Financial Lessons I Need to Teach? posted at The Money Answer Guy.

Family Health and Wellness

Helene Zemel presents Back-to-School Dental & Vision Checkups posted at Health Plans Plus.  “Along with the start of the school year will be those appointments for health, dental, and vision exams for your children.”  Helene suggests that “this may also be a good time to check out your family’s health and dental plans.”

Deb Serani presents World Suicide Awareness Day is September 10th posted at Dr. Deb.

Anne Maybus presents When the day starts badly posted at mydayoff.com.au.  Take it from Anne:  “Just because the day starts off badly it doesn’t have to stay that way.”

Aparna presents Eggs for beautiful Hair posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.  “The ubiquitous egg is the centerpiece of breakfast tables around the world.  According to Aparna, “raw eggs can also be used to advantage in your skin and hair care routine and, in fact, make some of the best hair conditioners.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Your Brain At Work, by the Dana Alliance and the Conference Board posted at SharpBrains, offering “simple, practical strategies for incorporating brain-friendly practices into day-to-day life.”

Family Humor

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Crafty Verse posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Stephanie presents All Hail Fuzzy Puppets and Animated Friends posted at Thrifty Wench.

Denise Swank presents Best Buy– best buy? posted at There’s always room for one more.

Michael presents How to Be Barbie for a Day: The Opening of the Casa de Barbie posted at Michael Emilio. “Imagine taking your daughter to the Barbie House for a day,” Michael exclaims!

Gabriel Almada presents Santi’s reflections on marriage posted at Live from Waterloo.

Family Pets

SeanBissell presents Even Dogs Get De-Motivated posted at Yummy Fitness ~ Fitness For Fun People.

GP presents Discovering the Horse(wo)man within posted at Manely Montana Memories, describing “lessons learned from our horses.”

Family Relationships and Self-Improvement

Rosalind Sedacca presents Depression and Divorce – Helping Your Children Cope With Both posted at ChildCenteredDivorce.com.

Ross Gelding presents Control your emotions posted at Will it change you: portal for personal growth. “One time when I was younger, I slammed a door hard, and a wreath fell off and broke on the ground,” Ross writes. “I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was one my mum had made – it was her first, as I later discovered, endeavor with some home hobby materials, and had taken many hours to make.”

Angelawd presents Mother/Daughter Translation Guide posted at angelawd. “There’s what moms and daughters say, and there’s what we really mean,” Angelawd says.

Laura Scarborough presents compassionate responsibility posted at Adventures in Juggling.

Megan Bayliss presents Child protection on Father’s Day posted at imaginif. “In Australia, Father’s Day has just been celebrated,” Megan tells us. “What a wonderful Father’s Day we had with our new granddaughter and the bonding between her and her Pelepa.”

Family Travel

Amy presents A Fun Day at Creative Discovery Museum posted at The Q Family Adventure, about a fun day at the Children’s Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hilary Green presents Family Friendly Kia Rondo Tops 10 Most Researched SUVs posted at Cars for Girls.

Donetta presents Carnival of Family Life * Family Travel posted at A Life Uncommon.

One Family presents Eastern Canada Road Trip Review – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal posted at One Family’s Blog, saying, “The article describes one family’s experience doing a road-trip covering Eastern Canada.”

Matthew Paulson presents Keep Summer Vacation Memories Alive posted at The Travel Advocate.

Parenting Tips and Advice

Mother Hen presents Day 2 posted at Mother Hen.

Alisha presents No SIDS Deaths in 11 Years posted at Uber Parents.

Shen-Li Lee presents Preventing Meltdowns with Adequate Vigorous Play Time posted at Babylicious.

Alex Smith presents Shopping Tips for Child Guard Monitors posted at TBO-TECH.

To Be Debt Free presents How To Put a Household Notebook Together posted at On a Quest To Be Debt Free. . . , the third post in a series on how to create a household notebook/organizer/planner.

Katey Magill presents Old Fashioned Taffy Pull posted at Having Fun at Home, all about how to host an old fashioned taffy pull at your child’s next slumber party.

Thank you all for participating in the Carnival this week!

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    Blossom’s most recent blog post..Reasons to Refinance Your Home

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