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Welcome to the — Harvest Edition! This is a very special time of year here in “Livable, Lovable Lodi” that, as a child, I always looked forward to with great anticipation and excitement. This coming Thursday through Sunday is the annual !

For the past 74 years, Lodi has boasted its very own festival and carnival, the purpose of which is to “promote the agriculture and agricultural products of San Joaquin County, and to offer diverse forms of agricultural education. The Festival strives to present unique, family–oriented exhibits that not only entertain, but educate and enlighten.”

The idea of an annual celebration of the grape harvest actually dates back to the Tokay Carnival which was held just once in 1907. There was a queen and king, band concerts, a Wild West show, vaudeville acts, numerous displays, and a parade down the dirt streets of downtown Lodi which had just become a city the previous year. The Carnival was so ambitious, in fact, that such an event was not attempted again until the Grape Festival was established in 1934.

The Lodi Business Men’s Association held a queen contest with customers voting to select the winner. The Lodi Chamber of Commerce sponsored competitions for the best and largest bunch of grapes, etc. There was a carnival and parades.

Grape murals first appeared in 1950 and remain the Festival’s trademark. Individual grapes are glued onto large display boards, creating beautiful designs in keeping with the Festival’s theme. Clubs, school groups, and individuals compete for cash prizes and the honor of draping a ribbon over the corner of their winning design.

In the early days, Lodi’s grape crop was harvested using small, curved knives and each bunch was cut by hand before being tossed into the heavy wood lug boxes. Red Flame Tokay grapes were the variety for which the city was best known. Hence, Lodi High’s mascot and teams are known as the Flames, and the school’s colors are red and white. In contrast, I graduated from Tokay High School, the official colors of which are purple and gold. Our school newspaper was the Tokay Press (an homage to wine and newspaper presses). My kids attended Vinewood School, and the names and logos of many local businesses and shopping centers reflect Lodi’s agricultural focus including Flame Liquor, Arbor Convalescent Hospital, Vintage senior living center, Wine Country Care Center, etc.  Our city transit system is known as the Grapeline, and many city streets bear names such as Tokay, Zinfandel, Chianti, Burgundy, etc.

Today, harvesting machines straddle the grapevines, moving up and down the rows day and night, mechanically stripping the grapes off. Few Flame Tokay grapes remain, having been replaced by zinfandels, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, chardonnay and merlots. In fact, the city’s motto is “Zinfandel Capital of the World.” Many people do not realize that Lodi produces more zinfandels than the Napa wine region and, in fact, many of the world’s finest wines can trace their origins to the vines that surround our fair village.

The Festival has changed over the years, as has the grape industry it honors each September  Although the Saturday morning Kiddie Parade remains extremely popular (yes, as a child, I was a participant), the Sunday afternoon parade was discontinued in 2002 due to a lack of interest.  And the last Grape Festival Queen was crowned in 1980, a sign of the changing roles and interests of Lodi’s young women.

The Festival features entertainment and I will be performing again this year. If you’re in the area, stop in and listen to the Lodi Community Band perform this Saturday, September 13, 2008, at 4:15 p.m. in the Grape Pavilion.  I’ll be in the front row playing my flute and piccolo so make sure you say “hello” after the concert! 


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