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Family Cooking and Recipes

Anna presents 7 Simple Steps to a Fabulously Frugal Tomato Cream Sauce posted at On a Quest To Be Debt Free.

Family Pets

Matt M presents Keep a First-Aid Kit posted at The Pet Haven.


Family Crafts and Activities

Batya presents Camp Savta–Granny’s Camp posted at me-ander.

Ben Dinsmore presents 36 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use posted at Trees Full of Money, a collection of “projects you can complete as a family to help make your home more energy efficient!”

Shamelle presents DVD Clutter: How To De-Junk A DVD Collection posted at Enhance Life.

HowToMe presents How To Make Our Favorite Play Dough posted at HowToMe.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 8 Summer Fun Activities That Won’t Break The Bank posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Family Finance

Tammy presents Garage Sale Goodies posted at Mrs. Mother Necessity! Tammy shares one way to “enjoy the day with your family and save tons of money while you’re at it!”

Debt Freedom Fighter presents How Are You Going To Pay For Your Childโ€™s College Education? posted at Discover Debt Freedom.

Money Answer Guy presents I Can Get Free Money For My Retirement? posted at The Money Answer Guy.

Family Health and Wellness

Aparna presents Cosmetic and medicinal uses of jasmine flower posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

Matthew Paulson presents Are You Losing Money with Extra Pounds? posted at American Consumer News.

Family Humor

Monica8046 presents Six Tips On How To Help Your Mate Help Out posted at Monica8046’s Weblog.

BeThisWay presents Flush With Love for Son posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?

zamejias presents Life Span posted at Our Makiko.

Gabriel Almada presents Savvy consumer posted at Live from Waterloo.

Family Relationships and Self-Improvement

Dana presents Pony, a love story posted at Principled Discovery. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending!

Jeremy Neal presents How Paternity Leave in America Compares posted at Husbands and Dads.

Indian presents 5 Marriage Compatibility Essentials posted at DecisionCare. “Marriage Compatibility is viewed essential for happy marriage life,” according to the author who opines that “there are five essentials that every love match and soul mate must know and follow.”

Donald Latumahina presents Two Basic Relationship Problems posted at Life Optimizer.

Family Spirituality/Belief/Worship

Anmol Mehta presents 3 Easy Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga, offering “guidelines and techniques to help your children learn and benefit from the profound science of meditation.” If your children can sit still that long, of course.

Mike King presents Determining and Sharing Your Core Values posted at Learn This.

Michael Snyder presents 15 Things That Are Wrong With America posted at The Moral Collapse Of America. (As with all posts included in the Carnival, the opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and his views are not necessarily endorsed by the Carnival host or administrator.)

Family Travel

Matthew Paulson presents A Travel Quest: Bigger is Better? posted at The Travel Advocate.


Alex Smith presents Top 7 Ways to Prevent Thieves from Ever Victimizing You posted at TBO-Tech.

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