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“Matt,” as he is known to his teachers and classmates, begins his high school junior year tomorrow, but we’ll be renting a larger tux for this year’s prom. He needed a completely new school wardrobe following a spring/summer growth spurt.ย  Chemistry, Advanced Placement U.S. History, Honors English, Algebra II, Advanced Placement Spanish, Bible, and an elective are on the agenda. We’ll see about basketball after the semester gets underway.


  1. He looks like he has a great attitude. Good luck to him this year. Happy WW.

  2. good luck matt, i see it in your face,u r gonna be successful guy

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  3. Good luck to Matt on this next school year. I joined your WW list as I’ve been doing that for awhile.

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  4. RunDMB112

    Looking pretty jazzed Matt. Good luck with being an upperclassman and all the joys/stresses that comes along with that: picking on underclassmen, parties, college soon!, SATs, college apps, APs.

  5. Storage Sam

    yea go MTV that what this is right?

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  6. fhew..

    soo many. I am sure he will have hard time out there. My wishes with him.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. thanks great read, Also your site looks excellent, ive tried my hand at design but without luck.

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