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My question for this edition:

Has the price of gas impacted you/your family? If so, how? If not, what’s your secret?

My Answer:

Earlier in the week, I pulled into the gas station. I have become very adept at not looking at the price because, after all, what’s the difference? Whatever it is, I have to pay it. But I couldn’t avoid seeing the number: $4.03 per gallon.

Yes, I paid more than $4.00 per gallon.

I drive a Camry that consistently gets an average of more than 30 miles per gallon (combined city and highway driving). Last week I test-drove a Toyota Prius hybrid. Although it was a cute little car, I really did not enjoy driving it. Moreover, the estimated mileage is 48 mpg city, 55 highway, but, as the salesman acknowledged, “actual mileage” not only varies, but is generally less than the official estimates.

The cost of the Prius, before sales tax and license, was more than $30,000. California no longer issues a commuter lane pass with the vehicle and the tax rebate has been eliminated. So I concluded that the amount of money saved by obtaining marginally better gas mileage would not justify the expenditure, especially on a car I don’t particularly want to drive. I could buy a new hybrid Camry, but, again, the gas mileage is not appreciably better than what I am already getting and my 2004 Camry is in near-perfect condition so I don’t need a new car and, frankly, don’t particularly want one.

So at least for the foreseeable future, I will just be sucking it up and paying whatever price is on the pump, held hostage by the oil companies along with the rest of America.


  1. Write From Karen

    I have to agree with you on the whole hybrid argument – I test drove an Escape and HATED THE WAY IT DROVE!! Way too sensitive to the touch for me. And it’s hard to justify the cost of hybrids when compared to overall gas usage.

    I drive a Vibe. It gets decent gas mileage – 25 in town, 30 on highway. Considering I never drive very far, but a lot, I only have to fill up once a week. I’m really hoping they improve batteries (which I read somewhere one motor company was currently working on?) because I would totally buy and drive an electric car – bar none.

    Now my husband drives a Ford F150 – gas guzzler. So, he’s been driving his motorcycle to work (thank goodness the weather has been nice) and is saving about $30 – $50 a week by not having to fill up. He calculated the other day how many miles to the gallon he was getting on his bike – 84!!! Can you imagine!! Too bad cars don’t get that much.

    If/when gas prices go higher, we’ll simply not drive as much (our driving has actually cut down now). We are fortunate in that we live pretty close to virtually everything so I’m prepared to walk/ride my bike if it comes to that.


    Write From Karens last blog post..Aloha Friday

  2. jennifer in OR

    My hubby has also been driving his motorcycle when he doesn’t need to haul stuff in his truck. And we’re moving our warehouse home, as soon as our barn is built, so we’ll keep all the products we sell for our business there, and not have to drive 20-30 minutes into town.

  3. I am a home body and I rarely go out. It’s true!
    My son however bought a second car, a Kia Spectra which he can makes payments on, pay for insurance and fuel all for less than filling the tank of thier Ford Excursion.

    Cathis last blog post..Aloha Friday

  4. TV Bracket

    I have pulled the bike out for the smaller runs and am trying to use public transportation when I can. Going to the store is a must drive though so I can get the food home.

  5. Public transportation or walking!

    Deborahs last blog post..Aloha Friday – Just Relax

  6. No, the prices haven’t really bothered us too much. Thankfully, even with a truck and a car, we’ve been fine. For myself and my husband, it isn’t so much a secret, we just know we can’t really do anything about so why use the energy questioning why and fighting something that’s bigger than the both of us.

    VeRondas last blog post..The Remote… and Everything Else

  7. Home furniture

    Actually it is the price of gas and concern for the environment combined that is the reason why i test drove an electric vehicle the other day. It was an electric scooter that i tried and i liked it so much (it is utterly silent and really smooth) that i have decided to buy it! I have heard a lot of people say very good things about the Zapino.

  8. With the price rising like this, it is no surprise some of us just rather stay at home than going out..

  9. One of our local newspaper reporters did an informal survey a while back, where he sat at a busy intersection, and recorded all the cars that passed through with only one person inside. Recently, since gas prices have gone up about .25 per litre ($1 per gallon), he did it again. There was only about a 4 per cent drop, in the number of single passenger vehicles. His conclusion, was that it will take about a doubling in current prices to get people to significantly curtail their driving practices. The point he was trying to make, was why wait? Save the environment, save some money, and get in better shape by biking or walking. I’ve been a bicycler for about 15 years now . . . trust me, it works.

    Top Rateds last blog post..My Six Word Memoir

  10. We aren’t sure how it will affect us in the long run – so far we haven’t felt it too much. We are a family who mostly travels by bike, so we don’t buy much gas for a car. Food prices have gone up somewhere due to the price of fuel, but so far it’s not too bad.

    However, we are getting ready to take off to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina. In one way, we’re hoping gas prices continue to rise so that people don’t drive – we’ll have to fight less traffic on the road. On the other hand, that will only make food prices skyrocket – and four cyclists touring all day eat a LOT of food!!

    You can read about our journey at http://www.familyonbikes.org

  11. Dental Marketing

    Now I go to my office by public transport. Before the gas price increase I still can afford the cost of riding my own car to the office. But now, the transport compensation which I get from my office is less than 50% of total cost…Motorcycle is my second option as it is less fuel consumed than car and for nearer distance I choose to walk or bike riding.

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