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Top o’ the mornin’ to you! Welcome to the very special St. Patrick’s Day Edition of the ! The luck o’ the Irish is certainly with us because there are a wide variety of excellent articles amassed here for your reading pleasure! No blarney — just fact! Enjoy!

Marjorie presents Change published at Life Without School.

Rose presents An Uncredentialed Day published at Learning at Home.

Wayne Buckhanan presents Upping the Downside with Self Knowledge published at Life, Love, & Learning.

Fathersez presents How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like – Part 3 – Basics of life as an employee published at Father Sez. He is using his own experience to educate and guide his children into a successful career path.

Christine presents The French School System and Sex Education published at Me, My Kid and Life.

Jeremy Zongker presents Can Your High School Student Have a Credit Card? published at Credit Card Articles.

BeThisWay presents What to Know About Buying and Redeeming (Unless They Are from Sharper Image) Gift Cards published at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Jesse Moran presents Teach Your Children to Handle Their Money published at CompGifts – The Frugal Way of Living.

Stephanie presents Communicate with Your Creditors published at Unclaimed Money.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Slashing Our Budget By 25%: Our Latest Frugal Moves published at The Digerati Life.

Chief Family Officer presents Silence the Sounds of Pertussis published at Chief Family Officer.

nickel presents The High Cost of Instant Gratification published at fivecentnickel.com.

Mike Remer presents Is Stress Real? published at My Path To Fitness Blog.

David B. Bohl presents Where is the Love? Tips for Getting Back that Old Spark published at Slow Down Fast Today! David says, “Healthy, committed relationships can sometimes lose their luster because we get too comfortable and fall into old routines. We take each other for granted and put our partners on our low priority list.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Expat Chef presents Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day published at The Expatriate’s Kitchen, a discussion of using St. Patrick’s day to get your kids to embrace green foods, including recipes and tips from pediatricians and book authors.

Aparna presents Home Remedies for nose bleed published at Beauty and Personality Grooming, explaining that a “nose bleed” is actually “epistaxis” and can occur most often in summer, especially for young children, and offering tips to combat and stop “nose bleeds.”

Lazy Man and Money presents Vaccines Cause Autism? published at Lazy Man and Health.

Marc and Angel present Seven “Before the Wedding” Steps That Initiate a Successful Marriage published at Marc and Angel, inviting readers pondering or planning marriage to consider their recommendations.

Edith presents Are You Compromising Yourself? published at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents Why Japan, Rebecca? published at Rebecca Dean.

Cory Aldrich presents Zoe and Wash – Firefly published at marriageactually.com.

GP presents You Might Just be an Endurance Rider published at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, “Signs you might be an endurance rider!”

Jenny presents Kids Say The Darndest Things published at the so called me.

Dora Renee Wilkerson presents YouTube – My daughter isn’t scared of her shadow, is she? published at YouTube. She asks readers to decide whether her young daughter is trying to scare her own shadow — or is afraid of it.

Stephanie presents Bye Bye Shaggy Boys published at Stop the Ride!

Matt M presents Morning Dog published at The Pet Haven.

Jennifer in OR presents A Three Year Old and a Fish published at Diary of 1. Every parent who has been through the goldfish phase with young children will relate and applaud Jennifer for seizing upon a difficult event to teach about characteristics for life success.

Laura presents Grow Old With Me… at Children & Chocolate and Other Paths to God published at BeutlerBlogger.

Jenn presents The Letter (Part Fifteen) published at Mixed Metaphor.net.

mom & dad presents Disney Magic Caribbean Cruise Review published at raising4boys.com.

Melitsa presents Tessy & Tab published at Play-Activities.com, saying, “we’ve just joined a reading club.”

Christine presents Stuffed Peppers with Cheese (Poivron au Fromage) published at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Lisa presents What To Do At A Princess Party – When Boys Are There! published at Lil Duck Duck.

Riley presents I Never published at All Rileyed Up.

Seabird presents Favorites: Toddlers’ Bedroom published at SeaBird Chronicles.

K presents Frugal Dessert: Apple Custard Bread published at Small Cents.

Dora Renee Wilkerson presents Y-2K Hippie published at Knitting, horses, and my family. She shares the pattern for a perfect spring craft that your kids will love.

Liz Thompson presents This Full House Kids: The birth of a family blogging project published at This Full House. Her family has launched a new project. She explains why they’ve started another blog that’s just for the kids.

paidtwice presents One Way To Get Over the Bath and Body Works Habit published at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already . . .

Jaimie presents When They Need More Help Than You Can Give published at Hug Twice.

Laura Scarborough presents Can I hear a yeah!? published at Adventures in Juggling. Her kid has been kicked out of a “club” — and she couldn’t be happier about it! Read why Laura and her family are celebrating!

Silveral presents Celebrity babies – new kids on the block published at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Patricia presents My Coffee Time published at Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife.

Naomi presents Diary From England: British Family Life in the 21st Century published at Diary From England.

Joanne presents Transracial Adoption published at Adoption Support at Forever Parents, a discussion about being a multiracial family.

Nicole presents Spending Your Saturdays Babysitting Teaches You a Thing or Two published at Makeitbetter’s Weblog.

Veteran Military Wife presents Why was my Son a Lemming? published at Life Lessons of a Military Wife in which she shares details about something that happens more than she would like.

Autumn Beck presents My Top 5 All-In-Ones published at All About Cloth Diapers. She claims that cloth diapers are making a big comeback and discusses her favorite “All=in-Ones.”

Kevin Heath presents The Big 4 Parenting Pitfalls published at More4kids.

Warren Wong presents How To Solve Problems By Changing Your Frame Or Perspective published at Personal Development for INTJs, explaining how seemingly unsolvable problems can be solved by changing your frame of mind or perspective.

Terri Mauro presents Hop to Those Easter Challenges published at About Parenting Special Needs.

Next week, the Carnival will be hosted at Beauty and Personal Grooming! Submit your family-related posts by 12:01 a.m. (Pacific time), Sunday, March 23, 2008 using this form:




  1. Hi Janie, that’s an awesome collection of articles. Looking forward to hosting this carnival next week.

    Aparna’s last blog post..Health Quotes

  2. Thanks for hosting the Carnival. I know how much work it takes to get all these great posts organized and out on time, especially this weekend. I really enjoy reading them. Off to tell some people on Twitter to check these out.

    Melitsa’s last blog post..Run around to sit still

  3. Looks great, thanks for hosting!

    Mama Duck’s last blog post..Black & White Girl Photo Christening Thank You

  4. jennifer in OR

    Thanks for hosting and administrating! This looks like a great carnival — Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

    jennifer in OR’s last blog post..A Fast from Asking

  5. Thanks so much for hosting and including my article!

    Chief Family Officer’s last blog post..Confession time: I bought non-fair trade chocolate

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  16. Great carnival. So many interesting articles. Particularly the ‘Is Stress Real’ post.

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