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Mattie-Boo’s 16th birthday party. My kids always want to have their parties at our favorite Mexican restaurant . . . and never want their picture taken.


  1. Write From Karen

    Love his facial expression! He looks very mischievous. My youngest’s b-day is coming up and he wants to have it at a Waffle house. lol The kid loves breakfast.

  2. Typical teenagers, mine hide from the camera too! Unless of course they are taking MySpace pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Amy’s last blog post..Photohunt

  3. Steve Elliott

    You must be doing something right to a) have teenage kids who still want to go for dinner with you and b) get them to eat something that isn’t fried or out of a packet.

  4. At first glance, i thought the left guy is actually Harry Potter! hahaha..adorable n shy..

  5. Pacquiao Marquez

    My brother when he was just teen, used to hide from the camera. They eventually outgrow it.

  6. yeah, very cute trying to hide their faces,like they already know where that photo is going to be (in your blog site)..:)

  7. Fight Videos

    Haha..I thought that guys would be posing crazily in front of the camera. Guess not your boys..Haha. Good Laugh.

  8. Too bad i cant see the other one. The one who show out his face has a nice looking!

  9. space code

    Perhaps they dont want their pics on your blog. Looking shy but im sure they’ll outgrow it

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