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The wind is howling, rattling the windows and doors of the house. It has been raining on and off all night . . . more rain is predicted. It is bitterly cold outside, but warm and toasty here inside with the fire crackling.

It’s a perfect day to sit back, relax under a blanket with a tasty hot drink, dream about spring flowers and warm sunshine . . . and read a delightful collection of inspiring, humorous, insightful, and educational posts about the various aspects of living within a family.

Welcome to the “Spring is Just Around the Corner” edition of the !



Marjorie presents Navigating the Labyrinth published at Life Without School.

Summer presents Science is Sweet published at Mom Is Teaching, a discussion of fun, food-based science experiments children can perform at home.

Laura Williams presents Washable and Reuseable Clear Tablecloths published at Laura Williams’ Musings.

Brent Riggs presents Part 2 – About Science and Blind Faith published at Brent Riggs.

Family Finance

Personal Finance Claims presents How You Might Soon End Up with a Blocked Credit Card published at Personal Finance Claims.

Wendy McCormick presents Make Your Own Birthday Cakes published at Alabama Frugal Mom.

Mark Butler presents A Surgeon’s Paycheck with a Teacher’s Summers Off published at The Butler Project.

Stephanie presents Low Cost Vacation Plans published at Stop the Ride, a collection of suggested ways to keep family vacations affordable.

Matthew Paulson presents Free College Money Part 4: Searching for Scholarships published at American Consumer News.

Dana presents Impulse Purchase published at Simple Pleasures.

K presents Being A SAHM In France published at Small Cents.


Family Health and Wellness / Cooking

Mike Remer presents Wish Exercise Wasn’t So Hard? published at My Path to Fitness Blog.

David B. Bohl presents 9 Ways To Play published at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “Most of us, when asked when we last played, would be likely to snort in derision (I’ve always wanted to snort at something in derision, but never have), and say, “I’m an adult. I have responsibilities.”

James Chambers presents Hyperhidrosis Causes published at Hyperhidrosis.

Aparna presents Dry eyes troubling you? published at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “If you are experiencing unpleasantness in the eyes, including a feeling akin to sand particles being lodged in your eyes, even after brief exposure to cold winds, air conditioners or reading books for only a short period, you might have a condition called ‘dry eyes’.”

Carole Fogarty presents The Authentic Chocolate Facial: A Superfood for Your Skin published at The Healthy Living Lounge, explaining that “raw cacao (cocoa) powder is now considered one of the world’s most beneficial superfoods emerging in our world today.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Maximize the Cognitive Value of Your Mental Workout published at SharpBrains, an article explaining why learning is so important at all ages.

James D. Brausch presents Is Your Keyboard Making You Fat? published at Weight Loss Dude.

Amanda Harris presents Food, the Natural Happy Pill published at eFamilyBlogger.

Beth Bader presents So, What’s in that Happy Meal Besides the Cheap Toy? published at Eco Child’s Play, an article offering important — and surprising — information about food additives.

Christine presents Green Salad with Mozzarella and Walnuts in Honey Mustard Dressing published at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Woman Tribune presents The Holy Grail of Coffee Machines published at Woman Tribune.

Amanda Harris presents Sally Lunn Bread published at Best Kept Recipes.


Family Humor

Dana presents Respecting your time: Ten not so respectful answers published at Principled Discovery.

Pat Ruppel presents Jokes, Family and Fun published at Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom. Pat’s “Dad at the Mall” story will make you laugh out loud!

Jennifer in OR presents It’s a John Wayne Coffee Mug Morning published at Diary of 1. Check out what constitutes a “John Wayne coffee mug morning” at Jennifer’s house. Then leave a comment letting her know that you empathize. Because if you are a parent, you will.

Expat Chef presents Ah, Thursday published at The Expatriate’s Kitchen, described as “Literary pondering against the backdrop of the Terrible Threes.”

The Donkey presents Lesson 1: Ratings Game published at Wife Advice.com. The Donkey is either a very brave man or one who enjoys taking risks. Go read it and form your own opinion.


Family Pets

DoggieWoggie presents Learn Your Dog’s Body Language published at Doggiewoggie – All About Dogs. It’s easy to read our dogs’ body language in our house because Sophie and Buddy are actually 90% human. But if your dogs are more canine-like, you’ll find this article helpful.



Jenn presents Her Debut published at Mixed Metaphor.net. She describes it as a “fictional story about youthful dreams and lifelong friends. A woman reconnects with old friends and a long-suppressed part of her life.”


Relationships / Lifestyle / Self-Improvement

Henry Cate presents Book Review: The Surprising Power of Family Meals by Miriam Weinstein published at Why Homeschool in which the author “details many reasons to have daily family meals.”

GP presents Git’r Done by Doing Some-thing published at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range, offering tips for reassessment, regrouping and springing into action to do what Larry the Cable Guy advocates: “Git’r done!”Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips – Finding Lost Items published at Tip Diva. I think that Tip Dude and BigBob might be twin brothers, separated at birth because Tip Dude apparently also spends his time “constantly looking for stuff.” But unlike BigBob, who virtually never finds what he was looking for, Tip Dude “can tell you how to make most things magically reappear.”

Veteran Military Wife presents I Have To Write a Sympathy Card Today published at Life Lessons of a Military Wife, containing useful advice on a topic that everyone finds challenging.

Heather Shanks presents Does Multi-Tasking Really Increase Productivity? published at Professor Mom.

Alex Blackwell presents In the Blink of an Eye published at The Next 45 Years.

Super Saver presents Simple Pleasures In Retirement published at My Wealth Builder.

Lill Hawkins presents Why Is The Shortest Month So Long? published at News From Hawkhill Acres.


Spirituality / Faith / Life Outlook

Carole G. McKay presents Managing Chaos published at Gold Post-It: Nothing But Good News, a discussion of how to approach and manage the suffering that inevitably accompanies life changes.

Hopeful Spirit presents Thy Will Be Done published at On the Horizon, observing that there comes a point in a parent’s life when he/she has only one avenue left by which to protect and nurture his/her child: Prayer.


Travel / Playtime

Kara Williams presents Top Attractions for Kids in Durango, Colorado published at Traveling Mamas.

James Brausch presents Costa Rican Food published at Costa Rica HQ.


Parenting Tips / Advice / Issues

Terri Mauro presents My Son’s Mini-Mart Goes Out of Business published at About Parenting Special Needs.

Renae presents Supermom Exposed published at Life Nurturing Education.Miscellaneous Mum presents Taking stock published at Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum.

Julie Rains presents My Daughter, the Princess published at Parenting Squad.

Melitsa presents Not Quite Crunchy Parent Interview published at Play-Activities.com.

K T Cat presents Life Lessons Learned Coaching 5th Grade Girls’ Soccer published at The Scratching Post.

OurBlogs presents Teaching Our Boys To Recognize Their Emotions published at A Guide to Raising Great Kids.

Joanne presents Talking To Your Child About Adoption published at Forever Parents. She advocates for ongoing, natural conversations about adoption with children as they grow which afford them time to understand the concept in their own time and way.

PlanningQueen presents Ten Things We Do to Make Meal Time Enjoyable. published at Planning with Kids, a list of suggested ways to make meal time something “to look forward to, not dread.”

Kyle James presents In Order To Receive, You Must Give published at Kyle.

HowToMe presents How to Get Good Library Books with Little Ones in Tow published at HowToMe. Do you find a visit to the library with little ones “a frazzling experience because it is difficult to contain a child’s excitement (or volume) when he/she finds a book he/she wants to read?” The author offers a plan to make the experience more enjoyable and productive.

Tea Party Girl presents Bad Manners Are Closer Than You Think published at Tea Party Girl. Read at your own risk. Like me, you will probably find that you violate at least some of the six tenets of dining etiquette discussed here on a regular basis. (I’m guilty of regularly putting my Blackberry and elbows on the table.)


Next week, the Carnival will make a stop at Discussing Autism! Submit your family-related posts by 12:01 a.m. (Pacific time), Sunday, March 2, 2008 using this form:



  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

    So many good links to check out this week!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings’s last blog post..BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Closer Than Your Skin by Susan D. Hill

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  3. Thanks for the great list of sites!

    Brenda’s last blog post..Revisiting childhood, Part 2

  4. aww i forgot to submit my post this week. oh well. great job! i’m off to read them all.

    Jenny’s last blog post..Major Mom @ PeaceLoveMom

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  9. Getting glimpses of spring here in Colorado (yesterday it was 65-70 degrees and today 5 in of snow and still snowing) but not here yet. All the more enjoyable when it finally arrives for good.

    Wonderful collection of authors and articles. Thank you for hosting this carnival and including my post
    Jokes, Family and Fun

    Pat R’s last blog post..The Preciousness of Life

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