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More Advice on Writing

Paul got us off to such a great start with the writing meme that I decided to play, too!

Just to review, his wife tagged him to participate and the rules are simple and straightforward:

1. List three writing tips; and
2. Tag 3 people whose writing style you would like to imitate.

One proviso, however: There are many writers whose styles I admire, but I do not aspire to “imitate” anyone. I have my own style, and am eager to continue developing and improving it.

1. Be a Gluttonous Reader

Great writers read voraciously. They are constantly and eternally learning from others’ work, emulating rather than imitating. Contact any writer you admire and ask him/her what he/she has read recently that was memorable, inspiring or forgettable. I guarantee he/she will respond quickly and thoroughly.

2. Be a Good Listener

Great writers are active, engaged listeners with an intense ability and desire to discern nuance, inflection, intonation variations and subtle hints or suggestions during conversations.

3. Write All — Literally — the Time

I write in my head. I have actually drafted entire articles for my blog in my head before my fingers ever touched the keyboard so that when I finally do sit down, the words practically spray out of my fingertips onto the computer screen.

I do the same thing professionally. As I move through my day, I am constantly thinking about upcoming writing projects, trying out approaches in my head and when I begin, physically, to write, the same thing usually happens.

Some people outline, others are profuse note-jotters and a few carry around microcassette recorders into which they dictate thoughts and ideas. For the most part, although I carry mind maps with me and utilize them in order to keep from forgetting key points or passages, I am constantly writing and editing — internally. Regardless of the methods or mediums employed, ask any writer you admire and he/she will tell you that the dialogue is ongoing. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to turn it off.

Although I’m not formally tagging anyone to participate, I do want to recommend that you get acquainted with three extremely talented writers (apart from my Write Stuff colleagues) whose blogs I read regularly:

Those are my tips. What are yours?

Also published at Write Anything.


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  7. It is interesting I have been told that I was a good writer and I didn’t know how I had achieved that status but while I was reading your post I realized I do ALL of those things! It made me smile cause most of them I didn’t realize I even did.

  8. Nice tips, and I agree with all of them. The 3rd one reminds me of my latest post “10 Drafts and a Focus”.

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  10. great tips but i still believe that the basis of being a great writer is to believe in what you are saying and to support your arguement in a thoght prevoking way

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