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Christmas Edition

Welcome to the very special Christmas Edition of the !

I extend my thanks to each of the participants whose contributions have made this edition exceptional because of the thought-provoking, heartwarming, and memorable articles shared covering a wide breadth of topics.

Holiday Gift-Giving, Crafts, Recipes and Traditions

Pickel presents The Do’s and Dont’s of Visiting With Santa. Her advice might have spared these parents a lot of grief!

Lylah Ledner presents Give the gift that will give back to you: Write That Story.

Joshua C. Karlin presents How Should We Give?

Pickel also presents Our Eve Tradition.

Lori Cooperstein presents Stress and the Holiday Season.

David B. Bohl presents Luck: Helping Each Other and Paying it Forward. An ancient Greek named Menander said, “If we always helped each other, no one would need luck.”

How To Me presents How To Frame a Memory For a Special Person, describing "how we framed a memory and, hopefully, brought a smile to a loved one’s face."

Stephanie presents Using Scraps of Wrapping Paper. Here's an innovative use for all those oddly-sized bits of leftover wrapping paper.

Michelle Eichhorn presents Family Fun During the Holidays.


Parenting Issues, Tips, Advice and Observations

Lisa Clauson presents How to Teach Children to Say Thank You. That's one skill they will need this week in order to assure that they express appreciation for gifts they reason this holiday season.
Angela Williams Duea presents The Way It's Supposed to Be. If you have teenagers, you can relate when she notes that "sometimes it's hard to remember what 'normal ' really is."
Pickel presents Disruption and Dissolution in which she ponders whether it is ever appropriate to "give back" an adopted child.
Heidi Saxton presents Adoptive Family Planning: A Wise Choice. An adoptive mother of two former foster children offers advice to parents who are considering foster or adoptive parenting.
Robert Bach presents The One Bread to Rule Them All. He says, "Our kids are media magnets, but they definitely mix-and-match and make it their own!"
Amy Allen Clark presents Christmas With the Clarks (Or the Endless Flu Epidemic). Hang in there, Clark Family, and keep telling yourself, "This too shall pass" (no pun intended).
What Works For Us presents Scrooged. We've all been "had" in the way described in this article.
Donna Freedman presents Life Without the Diaper Genie. Cloth or disposable diapers?
Riku Kanninen presents Bringing the New Kid Home, asking "What happened in my head after the firstborn came home from the hospital?" All parents will relate to this article.
Abel Cheng presents Fertility Calculator: Can it Help You in Getting Pregnant?
Amy presents Shrill Shopping which she describes as "Just one of many amusing moments in my life as a mother. Not so amusing at the time, though!"
Carolyn presents In Praise of Parallax.
Lela Davidson presents Pre-Pack Kids’ Rooms for Sanity on Moving Day.
Deb presents Differences in which she explores some of the ways in which her three daughters are different from eac other and affirms their individuality.
Chris shares a video presentation, PBS: Two Hands with the music of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, a commercial for PBS.
Jenny presents Race The Day Away.


Family Health and Wellness

Nisha Lakhiani presents Home Remedies for Common Health Ailments. 'Tis the season for colds and flu so these tips might prove useful!
Sandra Miller presents Getting Back Up. Managing your child's diabetes can be a challenge -- and provide life lessons about letting our children grow up and be independent.
Mitch McDonald presents Chemotherapy vs. Natural Alternatives.
Matt M presents What do Therapy Dogs Do? Service, companion and therapy animals are an important component of an overall approach to health and happiness.
James D. Brausch presents For Drinkers This Season. After you imbibe, make sure someone else does the driving so that we can all stay safe this holiday season.
Aparna presents Do You Grit and Grind Your Teeth?, advising, "The effect of stress on our health is such that there is hardly any disease or condition (physiological or psychological) that is not directly or remotely connected to it. Teeth grinding or 'bruxism,' is one such condition."
James DeLelys presents Look with your Heart!
Mom & Dad present Kid Hack: How to Get a Kid to Swallow a Large Pill.


Family Relationships / Memories of Home and the Holidays

Chickens in the Road presents The Slanted Little House, describing how, after moving to the country with her three suburban children, she is finding the real meaning of home -- and life.
Pat Ruppel presents Family and Going Home.
Tupelo Kenyon presents How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Through Intuition. Intuition can be trusted to move us in the direction of our greatest joys, most valuable contributions and satisfying life.
Edith presents The Last Day of My Life. What is truly meaningful and important in your life?
Cathy presents Christmas! Where the Heart Is!. She recalls how, "many years ago, I found myself far from home as Christmas approached. I was in a country that spoke a different language and I hardly knew anyone I was with."
Liz Thompson presents Picture Perfect Thursday: Attack of the Smiley Fries, billed as "Morning person marries night owl and trouble ensues!"
Stephen Kuusisto presents A Must for All You Moms Out here. He promises that dads will love it, too.
Jenn presents His Christmas Legacy, a fictional tale about sharing love at Christmas.


Family Finances

Lazy Man and Money presents Surprise! Honey, I Just Added $60,000 to Our Debt. How would you react if your spouse did this?
Silicon Valley Blogger presents Three Great Money Lessons from My Old Man from Guest Author Mikael. At this time of year it is appropriate to remember and honor our parents, pondering what they taught us about life.
Mitch McDonald presents Rent Back House Tips To Avoid Home Loss, offering useful tips in consideration of real estate market conditions this holiday season.
Rose presents Have a Kid, Pay a Tax.
Fathersez presents Five Stages of a Child’s Life and How They Relate to Financial and Life Education, noting that "we should first seek to understand, then to be understood." Understanding the five stages of a child's life can assist in that process.

Family Humor

Jenny Rapson presents Dirty Phonics on the Bathroom Wall.
Madeleine Begun Kane presents Poodle Musings, Holiday Thoughts and Mad Kane Video.
Alfa King presents Which comes first, Christmas or New Year? a child's cute play on words.
Kailanipresents Christmas Came Early This Year, a cautionary tale for parents about what might be happening if the house seems too quiet.
Finally, make sure that you check out these Thirteen Memorable (for the Parents) Visits with Santa Claus.

Next week, the Carnival will ring in 2008 at Mixed Metaphor.net. Participants are encouraged to submit entries related to the holidays, especially New Year’s.


  1. Thank you for posting my article.

    This is the first time I am participating in this Carnival.

    I am so glad I found you.

    Being good parents to our children is such a high priority for my wife and I. And now we have found just the right place to get our guidance and to share our experiences.

    Thanks again, and to you, family, all your readers, and friends, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    fathersez’s last blog post..Should parents ask their friends to employ their children?

  2. Janey,

    Thank you for including my post in the carnival, and for taking the time and effort to publish such a beautiful post. I love the images you included. It’s just what I needed this Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Good Wishes, Always,

    David B. Bohl’s last blog post..Have a Heart This Christmas Season

  3. Rob at Kintropy

    Thanks for hosting and for including us. I like your layout, and I read through and appreciated your “Carnival of Family Life” primer, too. Well done!

  4. Thank you all!

    Be sure to visit the Carnival this coming week at http://www.mixedmetaphor.net — it will be a New Year’s party!

    I hope you will participate by submitting your post by December 29, 2007, at midnight (Pacific time)!

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    This is Chris and though it is late but Merry Christmas…

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