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That’s the challenge that has been extended to bloggers. As if NaNoWriMo weren’t intense enough (and so much so that I could not, due to my other commitments, participate this year), now comes Blog 365.

The description of the program queries, “Are you ready to keep the NaPloPoMo spirit going?” (Apparently, NaPloPoMo stands for “National Blog Posting Month” and there was a prior challenge to post every day during a single month.) Undaunted, the same folks who organized that campaign are now running Blog 365 which officially begins on January 1, 2008. At this writing, the group has 45 members. There are also smaller groups and members are welcome to establish their own special-interest team. For instance, there is one group for folks who utilize the WordPress platform, one comprised of folks determined to stop smoking in 2008, and the “Crazy Cat People.”

If you have multiple blogs, posting to any of them counts. In other words, you do not have to publish an entry to the same blog on each day of the year.

Sound impossible? Sound intriguing? Think you might participate?

Although there is no explanation as to why members would want to make such an onerous commitment and join in, the obvious reasons seem to be the sense of accomplishment, i.e., successfully demonstrating the discipline to live up to such a commitment.

Additionally, if you are working on a large writing project such as a novel, this might be a more manageable solution than NaNoWriMo because there are no rules or guidelines established beyond “blog for 365 days straight!” So long as you write something each day, you will be deemed to have succeeded. There is no pressure to write a specific number of words or focus on a particular topic, and there is no prohibition on editing as you go.

I will have to give this latest challenge some serious thought before committing. Frankly, I think that joining such a program would be counter-productive for me. Given my rebellious spirit, I can envision myself not wanting to publish a post merely because I have given in to the pressure to write on a regular basis. For bloggers who publish sponsored content and post every single day anyway, Blog 365 might serve as an extra incentive to be productive. But for folks like me who blog strictly as a hobby . . .?

Will you be participating? Why or why not? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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    I checked the site. Looks like a nice concept. It will be great if it picks up well.

  2. Stacie (The Twinkies)

    Short answer. Umm…no way.

    But, I almost post every day anyway. Do photos count?

    Stacie (The Twinkies)’s last blog post..By: changeiam

  3. Between my main blog and my livejournal version I *think* I’ve blogged every day this year so far.

  4. Everyday? Wow that is alot of blogging. I think my quality of writing would slide as the days went on and I really don’t want to just start posting nonsense that doesn’t do anyone any good.

    Chris’s last blog post..By: Idetrorce

  5. Code4Gold

    For the most part, I’ve blogged every day this year but it’s been across several blogs. Two years ago, I had one blog and it was getting a bit convoluted with subjects and interests so last year I launched multiple blogs for my areas of interests and in 2007 I’ve written over 430 posts across the blogs, that’s not even counting all the posting I do on forums !!

  6. Not. I finished NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo by a hair…and although I blog most days, I wasn’t fond of the pressure to do so. Isn’t there a place where bloggers post daily for Poetry Month? That’ll be here in April. ๐Ÿ™‚

    tumblewords’s last blog post..Oooops!

  7. If I spread my posts to one a day I guess it can cover at least one a day since I sometimes post to as much as 5 a day then skipping some days.

    I tried something on poem blogging which I call ‘poegging’ but unfortunately when there was a day I missed then I rested indefinitely. I will continue with day 1 again when I’m ready to give it much attention. You can check it at 365 Days Of Poem Blogging.

    c5’s last blog post..Consumo navideรฑo

  8. I’ve tried blogging a couple times but I just find that I don’t have anything of significance to say on a frequent enough basis to the blog alive. A commitment like this would help, but I just don’t think writing a blog is for me!

  9. I’ve signed up… I know I probably won’t manage it but I’m hoping it’ll give me the incentive to keep going with my blog rather than end up forgetting yet another ‘fad’ like i did with Myspace, facebook etc…

    well, here’s hoping! lol

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