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Back in March 2005, I founded my site on Blogger. My goal was simple: I just wanted to write. And I hoped someone would read my writing. But more than anything, I just wanted to memorialize my thoughts, opinions, ideas.

As the end of 2007 approaches and I contemplate where my blogging has taken me over the course of the past nearly three years, a couple of aspects stand out.

First, I barely blogged during the first couple of years. My entries were sporadic and nobody was reading them. It was not until late last year that I began blogging purposefully and got involved in the blogging community. So I really think of the holiday season as my “blogiversary.”

Second, I am too easily sidetracked and find that I often have to redirect my attention back to writing. StumbleUpon, Sk*rt, Sphinn, Furl, Reddit, Blogging Zoom, Entrecard, et. al. all constitute distractions, as do the many blogs I have subscribed to via Bloglines. I am constantly amazed at how I can sit down in front of my computer, intent on writing an article, and then look up at the clock to discover that two or three hours have elapsed. I am still reading other blogs, catching up on e-mail, playing around with new WordPress plugins, tweaking the layout of my theme, perusing Morgue File for just the right image to accompany my latest post . . . and yet there is not one word yet in the text editor.

Another blogger once said:

When you are a writer, then just like a runner, you know what you have to do. In order to beat The Wall you have to do what you do best.

Keep writing.

His words resonate with me because it seems that every few weeks I find myself reevaluating the state of my writing, taking inventory to see if I am meeting the goals I have established for myself. Yet again, as I write this, I find that I have a number of unfinished articles, in addition to the numerous ideas jotted down for posts that I have not yet begun writing.

Like most writers, I have a love-hate relationship with the endeavor. For me, the issue always seems to be getting started. I have plenty of good ideas and intentions, but sitting down and starting my fingers tapping on the keys is always the challenge. Once I being, the words usually flow — probably because I have carried them around in my head for so long by the time I release them. But far too often I procrastinate or allow my attention to be diverted.

That is my “wall.”

Yet again, I am resolved to refocus, recommit, and re-energize my writing. Like that other blogger, I am determined to keep writing.

Leave a comment, telling me about your “wall.”


  1. We are in the same boat here. I started blogging march of this year. Like you, my intention was merely to record my private thoughts. It never occurred to me that I wouldl go public blogging. Until, I thought of using the blogging platform to train and motivate my staff at the office. Then, now, on a much bigger audience.

    Sometimes, a blogger’s role is not easy especially when you have a regular roster of readers who expect to read something new in your blog/s on a regular (daily, that is) basis. It can be exacting at times. Adding to that, writing paid reviews is sometimes an impossible feat lest these will turn them off and find your blogging too ‘commercialized’.

    However, the consoling part (self-fulfillment) is having people take the time to read (and comment -that is more desired) what I have posted regardless if I made sense or not.

    A blogger’s wall, IMO, is a self-imposed hurdle on one’s blogging endeavors. Focus and persistence are the key ingredients to keep you motivated.

    ronnie ferez’s last blog post..3 Sure-fire Steps in Career Planning

  2. Christoff

    That would be great if you still continue doing what’s in your heart… just write what your heart feels … and the rest will be recognized.

  3. Blogiversary? You are definetely an enthusiastic blogger and thats what we need more of in the blogging community. Well my stories a little different. I started off in the webmaster community, kind of site development then moved to blogging. Now i have 1 site and 4 blogs. So i guess i can say im part of the blogging community rather frequently. Its good to hear that your writing with a purpose, i can see this through the high quality of your blog.

  4. Happy blogiversary!

    I am too easily distracted too – it is much easier to read other peoples post, thoughts and comments than it is to come up with your won post when words run dry.

    My working life has also become much busier – which means I have less time overall to blog and read others.

    Nicola’s last blog post..Gallery Lafayette – Paris

  5. Video of Songs

    I have started blogging from last year july. Actually I am more interested in reading & commenting on others blogs than updating my blogs.

  6. 😆
    nice post. i am a new blogger. i like the way you write. thanks for sharing.

    Vaporizers’s last blog post..How To Choose the Best Humidifier

  7. i found my way here through that very interesting place called entrecard.
    i began blogging back in september. i wasn’t sure where i wanted to go or where i wanted to end up, with my blog. i still don’t but, i love writing. i love reading blogs and commenting…and building blog friendships. it’s been amazing…and addictive! so, what is my wall…the whole blogging thing. everything about it. and, i’m going to keep climbing that wall!
    i love this blog, by the way!!!

  8. Great post! I find that the informal, personal nature of blogging encourages me to write. I want what I post to be as good as I can get it, but that crippling perfectionism doesn’t step in. I have a couple back blogs where I post drafts. They are largely unread. By putting writing there, I can see it done even though it’s a draft. This makes finding the areas that need work a lot easier! That and the blogosphere is full of good folks who support each other’s work.

    I think of the blogosphere as Gutenberg 2.0.

    God bless!

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Blog Your Blessings: Snow

  9. Ha! That would be me. Recently I have become more disciplined, however. I do more of my writing away from the computer and in my notebook. And when i sit down, I scan the headlines in my Google Reader first, to see if there is anything in particular that I need to look at then write.

    Then I go back and actually check up on the blogs I want to read. I works better…when I actually follow my plan and don’t just waste time. : )

    Dana’s last blog post..Saturday School: Wanted Posters

  10. Good blog feature. It will be good move if you continue this blog.

  11. feefifoto

    Writing isn’t like shipbuilding — you can do it anywhere. I just finished a long biography of the Beatles (called “The Beatles” — clever, no?). They wrote everywhere — trains, bathrooms, cars, bars, planes, you name it, they were writing. Don’t beat yourself up for writing less than yo think you should. I do much of my heavy thinking in the shower.

    feefifoto’s last blog post..Hero Is Such An Overused Word

  12. I’m new to writing/blogging. I never thought it would be something I would be doing so I’m still experiencing the newness and excitement of it. I have ideas but sometimes have trouble forming them into words until I sit down and start typing. It sounds like this is typical. This is a whole new world I’m discovering along with learning about myself.

    Good to hear all your comments and it’s good to know others are experiencing the same things. It’s just the process.

    Pat R’s last blog post..Attachments

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