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Carnival of Family Life is now at ColloquiumKailani at An Island Life decided recently that she wanted to transfer administration duties for her very popular to someone else in order to give her time to focus on other projects. When she asked for a volunteer, I immediately threw my hat in the ring and am honored to report that she has entrusted the Carnival to me! Please pay Kailani a visit and let her know that you appreciate all the hard work she devoted to establishing the Carnival and making it a great success!

Today, the first edition of the Carnival is hosted by Melitsa at Play Activities! The Carnival of Family Life — Bonfire Edition features 55 widely varied entries from some extremely talented writers, some of whom are participating for the first time! Please take a few moments to visit Melitsa and let her know what a great job she has done this week! Also, make sure you leave a comment at our participants’ sites and give their articles a Stumble, Digg, Sk*rt, etc. if you enjoy their entries.

The Carnival’s new home page sets forth its purpose, guidelines, and hosting schedule. If you would like to host a future edition, just drop an e-mail to familyblogcarnival at comcast dot net!

To submit an entry for new week’s Carnival at All Rileyed Up, just use the submission form in the right sidebar! The deadline is midnight each Saturday night (Pacific time).

Thank you for your continued support of and participation in the Carnival! Enjoy the The Carnival of Family Life — Bonfire Edition!

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  1. The carnival’s entrusted to you? Wow, you’re very lucky.

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