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Here’s my question for this edition:

Honolulu-based “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” the highest-rated reality show on cable television, has been pulled from the airwaves “for the foreseeable future” in light of Duane “Dog” Chapman’s use of a racial epithet in a private telephone conversation with his son. (You can listen to the recorded conversation by clicking here, but the recording is uncensored and contains vulgar language in addition to the racial slur.)

My Answer:

Dog has already expressed remorse, apologized and asked for forgiveness, and vowed to take any action necessary to “repair the damage.”

Do you think “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” like Don Imus, be returned to the air? Why? If not, why not?


  1. If his conversation with his son was in private over the phone, then who’s business is it what was said? If he apologized for saying those things, and said he would do anything he could to correct it, then I think that he should get a chance to be back on air (I have watched the show a few times).

  2. i like dog the bounty hunter. while watching his show, i never got the sense or any hint that he is a racist. i think the statement he made is specific to one person and not to a race … however, he should have never made that statement like that since he is a celebrity and a lot of people admire him. but he is sorry. i think the apology is sincere so .. sure, he should be allowed to return to tv. 😉

    Charlotte @ Charmed Life’s last blog post..A Good Scare

  3. JustJessie

    I’m not a big “Dog” fan, but I do believe in the freedom of speech. If he was having a private conversation with his son, I think the network is way out of line to censor that. If they want him off the air, why not just do it because he’s too tacky to be allowed?!

  4. The conversation was private between Dog and his son. He definately needs to apologize to his son’s girlfriend and perhaps stay out of his son’s private life. It all makes me wonder what Dog has done to his son to make him angry enough to sell the conversation.

    pinkjagxj’s last blog post..30 Day Organizational Challenge

  5. FeeFiFoto

    Blah blah blah. I am SO tired of celebrities who behave in a way that would get any of us normal people a spanking or worse, and then thinking they can get out of trouble by apologizing REALLY HARD, and then actually getting off the hook merely because they’re celebrities. I used a workman once who I heard using racial slurs and that was the last time I used him.

    FeeFiFoto’s last blog post..Why Do I Have To Wear This Dumb Thing? I Don’t Know

  6. First off thanks for stopping by my blog! 😀 I think it’s sad that racism still exists today. I think the media feeds the fire by airing all these terrible things. I don’t really like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s show, because of the way it portrays my people–it’s so negative. I do believe all people have free agency, so he can feel and believe and say anything he wants. I listened to the recording, and had to turn it off because I couldn’t stand to hear it anymore. I think he is probably trying to get more attention, so his show’s ratings can go up! lol … I do believe in forgiveness, so he should be given another chance.themamahood’s last blog post..Hey if you have 5 minutes…

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