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A happy 1990 Halloween: My father, whose birthday was October 30, bouncing a happy little frog (my youngest nephew) on his knee. That little frog celebrated his 18th birthday last Thursday, October 25.


    • Oh, gosh! Maybe he was a frog. I thought he was a dinosaur, but now that I look at the eyes . . . His older brother was a raptor one year and scared the heck out of my youngest. Maybe that’s what I was thinking of.

      I don’t know . . . all the different costumes throughout the years are tending to blend together in my memory . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hair Loss Solution

    That little baby is so cute. I just loved his outfit. I am sure you guys must have had a great Halloween.

  2. Aww, sweet picture.

    Happy Halloween. I’ve left you a treat in my blog today.

    MissMeliss’s last blog post..Happy Halloween

  3. MyStarbucks

    Isn’t that funny? Toddler costumes have really not changed too much over the last 18 years. Happy WW! :mrgreen:

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