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Q1 – What is one of your favorite words?


Q2 – How do react when you are out in public and approached by someone carrying a clipboard asking for your signature on a petition or requesting that you participate in a survey?

I try to avoid walking by them. If I can’t and they manage to ask me to sign, I politely decline while continuing to walk.

Q3 – I have a friend that I have never seen wear blue jeans, a friend who claims to never have tried Ketchup, and yet another friend who cannot help but say “Bless You” immediately upon hearing someone — anyone — sneeze. What do your friends or peers know you for?

I’m pretty sure they’d say my sense of humor.

Q4 – Have you ever met anyone famous? If so who and where?

You can read some of them in “Thirteen of the Famous People I Have Met.”

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  1. Hair Loss Solution

    That was a good Friday edition. But I somehow can’t believe that someone could not have tasted ketchup in so many years of their life.

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